Old Monster Skins


Hey there so I have a quick question. I have evolve on pc and on xbox one and all the skins that are still purchasable on console i dont see in stage 2. So my question is are those special skins like red panda goliath and tropical wraith not obtainable via silver keys in stage 2? Not upset just curious where they went.


Gorgonzola only seems to be added into the store as of recent, so they might be re-adding skins back every patch.

Or atleast, I think I heard Gorgonzola skin is in now…


Gorgonzola is available on Thursday.

As for old skins yes, they’ll be added in every now and again, they didn’t want to drop all the content they had at once.


This, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


This is just my take on things, but it could be that they’re trying to avoid the same backlash they had before, about people being salt supreme over there being a store full of skins on day one.


Considering that everything is free that argument would make negative sense.


Considering that people bitched about a store full of nothing but cosmetics, it honestly isn’t too much of a stretch for me.


Cosmetics that were not only overpriced but also many people only saw it as DLC, they didn’t care what kind.

They held it back this time so they’re not giving away all they have at once. Holding it back because of previous events, as I said, makes negative sense.


Ok so my only question is should i buy the skins i really want to be on the safe side lol i know it seems like a silly question but im worried that stage 2 wont make it to consoles and then in which case I wouldnt want to buy them cause then I cant really use them but they said they would put all the previous skins back? sorry to be a pest ive been with evolve since alpha days lol but i a worried that stage 2 wont come to consoles, but I am hoping for the best. You know what they say expect the worst, hope for the best…