Old models IE scorpid and walking kraken or the host


re-purpose them. give them new abilities and switch them up from their younger siblings so they look a little different.

easy content for TR to add that already makes sense and is already pretty much finished.

i’m aware that TR wants to get some totally new concepts out there, but it seems really inefficient to go through 8 different incarnations of the model that are different entirely from eachother then to say making the monsters takes a long time.


But it does take a long time. Making the model is just one thing. They need to create the mechanics, make sure they are fun and then they have to go through the entire balance mill which takes a long time (And will take longer for every new content added to the game. Not to mention the VO, Sounds, Effects and the functionality of the monster and its abilities which also takes a large amount of time.


Finished doesn’t mean useable. I think we’d all rather not have another monster added for the sake of more content and have it be gamewrecking and unfun.

There’s a reason they’re the developers, not you. Perhaps it’s because you clearly have no idea what goes into a new class in a game like this.


my point is that it’d take a lot less time if they didn’t totally change the monster 4 times before finalising it


Iteration man. This is what separates good companies from the bad ones. You test out what works and what doesn’t until you come up with something solid. They want to give you something good and the (4)? times they changed Goliath were because they didn’t think it was good enough. They started up a whole new IP so obviously it takes time to home in on the things that work and the things that don’t. They don’t want to give you something okay, they want to give you the best!

The development of Evolve has been a long process and they’ve learned a lot. I doubt you will see any Goliath like changes to future monster.


there are reasons they’ve abandoned the ones they did. to be honest i’m a little surprised wraith made it past in it’s current state and it fairly obviously shows how much less time they had to spend on her than the other 2.