Old Maps to custom

Dear Evolve Devs,

it seems you put the map “Dam” to custom so that we can try it out.
What I can say at this point and in contrary to the full game, which is one of best I have ever played i.e. legacy evolve, you ruined this map -> Dam is damn…
On the other side an idea popped up, if you are putting some maps only to custom, it might be a good idea to put all legacy maps to custom. So at least we can play them in custom, although I believe the current maps have different meshes and are adjusted to AI (navmeshes) and skills/abilites on monsters.
Anyway I just thought it might be good to mention.

Best Your truly best friend on Shear …


If it were that simple, it would already be done. A lot of stage two had to have its code fundamentally altered. Every character and map had to be redone almost from the ground up. This is why they can’t just port the old maps over. It’s incompatible and gotta be redone!


Jeah this always happens, when you cannot develop sustainably. Good damn publisher over and out.

Some of legacy maps were REALLY tiny, they need to rework em to make em bigger like they did with the dam.

Although this is somewhat true it would defiantly be compatible with the game its more it wouldn’t be compatible with the balance and the way the game now plays. You could very well whip out all the old maps in to customs but will be the worst thing game play wise.

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I wish I could experience legacy maps :frowning:

Maps are what I’m looking forward the most in this game. More than new characters or anything really. To bad they can’t technically bring old maps in custom as suggested by op.

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Can you imagine the old maps where you had 40-50 second “evolve ready routes” on almost every map, with the perk diversity of today’s game allowing hunger on a slot or two?

You’d be evolved before hunters boots even touched the ground.

I can already see the grin on @Deanimate with being ready for stage 3 by the time the hunters caught up :stuck_out_tongue:




11 minutes of siege the relay. Ahhh bliss.

Party on


Why can’t all code be the same language? This way I can port Goliath to L4D2 and make him the tank. Or make hunters playable in Overwatch.

Code is just so touchy :weary: :pensive: :weary: :pensive:

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