Old game modes?


Will we be getting the old game modes back like rescue or egg hunts? If so when? I don’t understand why you removed them I enjoyed playing them with my friends.


You can still play them in Legacy Evolve. If you and your friends want to play Legacy Evolve, you can still do this. Check out this article for more info: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/222418608-How-Can-I-Play-Legacy-Evolve-.


I don’t think so. The Devs reasoning, as far as I understand, is that they were far too hard to balance, and it was easier to keep with standard hunt. They may return in the future, but who knows.

You can still play Arena in customs, though!


If they removed if for balance reason idk why they kept hunt forums are filled with people complaining about balance.


That’s because they’re all noobies. And they aren’t generally complaining about the hunt balance, they are mostly complaining about Wraith’s.

Plus, do you honestly think they’re gonna get rid of Hunt, the very game mode this game was founded on? That’s stupid.


they need to fix the game period. Its full of bugs they had to patch then roll back a patch yesterday, The balance is awful I doubt all the people complaining about the balance are “Noobs”. When you join a game and a wraith/gorgon is on a 20-30 plus win streak something is seriously broken. This game will eventually die again in the near future and it can go back to being forgotten.


Woah there, someone’s salty. Please take a step back and try a less… hostile, approach next time.