Old Conversations, Should They Be Removed?


We have Lennox, so hearing the Sunny/Slim conversation about Lennox is weird…especially if she’s in the group.

“Some redneck assholes talking about an old lady who made a monster killer A-unit.”

And Bucket talking to Lazarus about wanting to meet a Basilisk soldier. I mean…with Slim on the crew…

Not sure if this is a bug…or who to tag.


Slim turns his head to notice the old lady that the redneck assholes were talking about


Not removed, but revamped and updated. May be we could create a list of this discrepancies?

  1. Talk between Sunny and Slim about Lennox(which should be “behind her back”, not when she with them)
  2. Bucket and Laz about Slim (“behind the back”)
  3. When healing Lennox Val call her “big guy”

And maybe it’s me, but when Lennox sees the monster she is sayin something about eyeballs and her suit display(dont remember the exact phrase). I hear that phrase too often. There should be a different one to be the frequent one, something simple like “I see the monster”.


Well, they are talking about other possible hunters out there. It wouldn’t make sense for him to talk about not believing that Lennox exists when she does.

And the Bucket/Lazarus conversation doesn’t make sense to have them talk about slim behind his back. Revamping would be okay…but given the context, the conversations don’t actually make sense if revamped.

Her HUD thing is funny. I like that.


I hate it when Val calls Lennox a guy.

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Caira also calls Lennox a guy. “We lost the big guy”. Lennox confirmed for transgender.


I knew this day would come

Transgender confirmed


This pls. It’s really annoying.


I think it’s oke, they could be referring the suit as the big guy.


Dammit, now people will go back to whinging about not having a female assault. ;-;


Lennox just needs a new voice altogether. In fact it’s not even her voice that’s annoying, its her writing.
All her dialogue is terrible. It is all either over-elaborate or trying to explain something. Like how Daisy can revive her when she’s downed. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief to the point where alien dog saliva can apparently heal mortal wounds, at this point repairing a downed robot isn’t much of a stretch. Infact I’d call it less of a stretch.
If it wasn’t obvious, I’m happy to ignore the bullshit.

But Lennox’s constant annoying over analysis just goes too far. I liked Lennox before I heard her voice, like Sunny.
Now I’d just rather avoid her and her stupid dialogue altogether.
For example “I see the monster! It’s not getting away! Or maybe it will get away I’m no-” SHUT UP. SHUT UP. JUST SHUT UP. JUST SAY YOU SEE THE MONSTER FOR GODS SAKE YOU’RE ABOUT AS FUNNY AS CANCER.

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Well…your opinion is respected, but generally not shared with most other people.


I don’t mind Lennox’ dialogue that much…Sunny on the other hand >.>



She’s much more an annoying, disrespectful girl claiming to be optimist instead of being really optimist.


Daisy has a device around her collar that let’s her pick people back up, I believe.

Also, I agree, her writing is terrible. Even her writers agree! I shit you not, one time she literally said.

"Showtime! Did I just say showtime? I need better writers."


Tesl- I mean Markov was the first.

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