Old behemoth back?


Is it just me or is the behemoth back as it was on release? Seems to be taking more damage, roll spam is back and feeding is only givin the old amount of armour per meat. I’m on ps4 if that means anything.


??? i think hunters have just gotten better and his wall breaks :confused: and his roll spam is not back compared to release >.>

ok lets clear this up, STOP exaggerating on his roll spam -_- its nothing compared to release ppl


Umm no I literally just spammed roll hit roll hit, 4 heavy meters in a second. The feeding and damage was DEFINITELY back as it was. May have been a bug.


Interesting. I reset the console and now it’s back to normal.


i just tried it on console >.> against bots, i didnt get heavy hits in a row, what did you do? maybe its a bug?