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I sent a message to a dev. of Evolve just the other day that read like this;
"(I’ve kept in mind that the game is still in a beta state and the balanceing of it being worked on, but I still felt that this needed to be said.) I deeply apologize to bug you and to complain again, but I do feel that the hunters are way to overpowered and the Monsters worryingly underpowered now. From the prospective of a old player/fan of the game sence the Alpha, I’ve witnessed meny updates and changes, but now sence the “Stage 2 update”, I’ve come to noticed that the hunters are worryingly overpowerd and are in need of a huge nerff, and the Monsters a minor buff. It used to be balanced, it seemed, to where you would win some and lose some. But yet again it has fallen into a crisis as it seems to me, and perhaps all ‘main-Monster players’ like me, because there has rarely been a match that has been won as a Monster now for me and others that I know. I do undrestand that I am only one voice out of a little-over-a-million, (and perhaps not even all ‘main-Monster players’ would fully agree) but it dose seem that the game is now in the hunters’ favor. Because of that, me and other ‘main-Monster players’ like me, feel that the game has lost it’s true fun and fair-challanges online. I personly, and perhaps others like me, do hope something will be done about this, but it may be a long-shot. I, again, do apologize about the griping, but I feel that the game is really unbalanced at the moment, and losing it’s meaning because the Monsters are now to easy to beat and the hunters harder to take down, when it should be a challenging “Boss-Fight”, and not a “wack-a-hunter rage-chase”. My apologies for be a nuisance about this, but I feel that this needed to be said to help the game improve and keep it trully balanced."

The devs’ response was this;
“I understand, though I think an open communication on the forums, with detailed reasoning is going to be your best move. You could run a poll to see if you are a minority, or majority. Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. I suggest you try to explain what you feel are problems and offer some actionable solutions. Though as I mentioned before, the balance teams is balancing Bob right now. They are taking their time to not take in knee jerk reactions. You may want to wait and see what they come up with, or still give your fee. Please also understand I am going on vacation so I won’t be all that helpful in contact information further until I’m back to work.
Thanks again for the feedback and good night.”

I didn’t know what to say other than thank you, but I took up the idea of coming here to these forums to see what others think. “Do other think like me about this situation? How meny? How meny may not?” These thoughts ran in my head so I came here to see what yall think. But to clarify my position some more, let me quickly explain in simplicity. I have been a fan/player of Evolve sence the Alpha. Yeah I know right? A long time. And I’ve seen and bore witness to meny buffs, nerffs, and updates. I have had my fair share of that. But when this new ‘complete makeover’ update come out, I was cought incredibly off guard! So I download the update and try it out. A lot was changed, but not by any means to unrecognition. I was very upset though that all my hard work was reset and having to do it over again, but just a little diffrent this time around. I still played, though, regardless of the rests. Won some matches, lost some matches, it was nothing to worried about, normal, it was still fun… until recently, I’ve noticed. Playing as the monster online got harder for some reason (minus the two new maps that give both sides buffs), so I looked into it a bit and played as the hunters (which I rarely do). I shockingly came to the conclusion that it was to easy to kill the monster, so I started to worry. But my fears came true when I played more as monster (sense I main monster). The hunters have become overpowered… and the monsters, now, underpowered. So I sent that message I showed up top to a dev. through Discord. I got a message back from the dev. (also shown above) that they understand but are busy on Behemoth at the moment. So I took their advice to come to these forums and came here to see whether or not that others agree with me and feel the same way as me (whether my view here and what I’ve witnessed is part of a minority, majority, or is intermediate). I main monster and don’t really care to play as the hunters (but I will when friends what to be the monster or when necessary), so I am a little biased in my stand on this issue, but I don’t want the ‘Hunter-mains’ to become board of the game and/or earn easy prizes wile the monster players suffer with this unbalancedness in the game at the moment as we speak. All in all, the hunters need a decently sized nerf wile the monsters a minor buff (nothing to big, though, for the monsters, so the game can stay balanced after the nerfing of the hunters). The hunters right now have a little too much jetpack energy, deal little to much damage, and have short cool-downs for their abilities (especially the ‘Planet Scanner’). It also seems that the Dome is overpowered. From what I can tell, it needs a longer activation to trap the monster and needs a reduced time in the dome. Now with all that being said and my stand explained, to all the hunters out there, this info is not 100% “wrong” & my opinion (I bet some of you hunter will agree with me hear because yall want real challenge and a balanced game). I’ve witnessed this first off, and for me being a ‘Founder’ playing sense the alpha, some things didn’t really need to be changed and/or really touched. Understanding that it is the devs’ game and they can mess with what they think they need to mess with… but I don’t think they want the game to be unfair… and besides, wasn’t this game based mostly for of the Monsters to begin with? So… with all that said, what is your view? Do you agree (I hope you do)? Or do you not? And if you do or don’t agree, please explain why with legitimacy and little opinion please so I, and others, may see your view properly. And please do be respectful of me and others on this forum topic and DO NOT be rude and disrespectful. Lastly, I personally do hope that you will understand where I’m coming from and why I feel this way about the game at the moment. So please, tell me what you think below appropriately.



He’s correct. It’s hard to gauge monsters right now because we still bump into Monsters of ANY type that seem capable of mopping up 4 Hunters pronto. If we gave in to our feelings in those matches we’d be starting threads about Monsters being OP.

Everything is also relative because it’s also hard for one Hunter player in a pug to also note if the OP-feeling of Monsters comes from 1 or 2 Hunters playing poorly away from your immediate sightline.

More discussion is definitely needed especially when it comes to Monsters.

Don’t believe me?


Also this is not supposed to happen… If you owned original Evolve you’re supposed to start with 30,000 keys and all your unlocks are supposed to be intact… including unreleased Behemoth if you already unlocked him in your old game.


Did he, uh… did the OP ever unlock his founder bonuses? I don’t think he did.


No, and no! Hunters and Monsters mostly balanced. We need a huge buff for Wraith, AS rework for Kraken, and mimic rework for Gorgon, that’s all…

ps. idk about new Parnell, because I do not play anymore(tired of Wraith and Gorgon nerfs).


Yes, majority of the monsters are weak right now compared to the hunters. Skill is one thing, but when the monsters also have ridiculous hitbox glitches, bugs like crazy and are going against 4 jetpack crazed flies with mini nukes it just gets worse. I’m not saying nerf the hunters, I’m saying rework the monsters except Goliath and Kelder to be able to compete with this.


Why gorgons mimic?


After 5 weeks of hunter nerfs, I’d say the monsters are stronger than they’ve ever been. Incredibly strong, in fact.


Another monsters are UP thread

Goliath is not UP
Kelder is not UP
Gorgon is not UP (if they buff her she will be broken like she was in the pre-stage2 patch)

Meteor needs a slight buff but his ability hitboxes need to be tuned down a bit.
Kraken is viable only with grounder.
Wraith doesn’t need a “huge” buff, she needs a slight buff (good players still manage to make her viable atm).
Behemoth is… well… he will be reworked soon.


Gorgon is not UP on paper. But because two of her moves can be destroyed, without a buff she is not viable against good hunters. You can’t win with just two moves against hunters who know how to tank one and dodge out of the other.


goliath is fine, kelder is fine but too slow in the chase( OG kraken same), gorgon has 1 useless ability and any if the players are good enough to understand that they have to shoot to the spiders she’s left with 2 abilitie, i agree on meteor ( a slight buff maybe to his dot) and on kraken, wraith is by far the weakest( Bob excluded) still she’s hard to balance since a slight buff will make her pubstomper again, but not viable as the skill level grows. in fact no one use wraith in tournaments and even in hunt beta right now she’s very UU.


Mimic is not easy to counter when used point blank. Its still actually really good against good hunters.
Spider can be destroyed indeed, but if it hits only 1 time thats a guaranteed strike.


They’re not UP. I’m just that good.


I’d say monsters need the following.
Wraith = either a slight health/armour or damage and a touch of speed
Goliath = nothing
M. Goliath = skins lol, and a slightly smaller hitbox
Kraken/Kelder = speed
Gorgon = wall stick? I don’t know if it works but with xbox controller
Behemoth I’ll Judge on release
Other than that balance changes per your mm results I get games where I feel OP as hell and others I know from the first dome I that I’m going to lose.


I agree that hunters have a lot going for them - unlimited everything, including lives! They can just keep coming back over and over again which is the most unfair part of the game! They seem to be able to fly forever and they definitely do TOO MUCH DAMAGE! But even with all that, sometimes I have easy matches where I can win quickly at stage one! On the other-hand some matches the hunters are invincible and there is no way on planet Earth of me winning, or even getting one single hunter down!

I think we all complain about balance too much. I think tweaking the balance is good, however the real problem is SKILL BASE. Put one side against another that is over/under your own skill, just by a little bit and you suddenly have a one sided match! In fact hunters don’t have to be great solo, but if they work great as a team then they become very much stronger, stronger than a lot of normal monster players can cope with. Monster players are constant against whatever team they are put against, strong against some, weak against others…

If the skill matchmaking is more accurate, we can all enjoy the game much more. I know they are working on this so I have all my fingers crossed that they can pull it off! At the moment it’s hit or miss if you’re going to have a fun game, or pointless one!


I mean, I am a Founder, I got all my skins back (except all the elite skins) and a descent amount of keys… but idk about 30,000 keys. If what you are saying is true… dose that include all my Elite skins? If not, then oh well, ill get them all back eventually.


Lastly… I see that yall don’t fully agree… that’s upsetting and disappointing, but if that’s what yall want to think then so be it. I disagree with most of you, but if that’s what yall want to believe, go right ahead. No real reason to argue about it. :confused: