Okay this is ridiculous


I’m extremely tired of the random nature of some of these anti monster features iunderstand why they are in. but I am tired of losing a match because of bullshit like this.

I lead off with a false trail perfectly good get my distance. Then first kill traps jaws, okay fine I move on, 2nd kill birds -_- okay I still should have good distance. I run off 3 rd kill get birds. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. at this point the hunters have me surrounded and I have to take a 50/50 guess of which 2 has the trapper. I guess wrong get trapped. and die at stage 1 because my s1 build is based around eating not fighting.

I don’t mind losing, hell I don’t mind losing at stage 1 when it’s MY FAULT not when the game decides it wants to fuck me over because the RNG gods aren’t on my side. I don’t lose often, and I lose even less at stage 1 but losing at stage 1 like that really pisses me off.


RNJesus isn’t on your side today.


Try eating in caves. As long as you do that no carrion birds will spawn.


Well, to be fair, there is barely any food in caves, only those reavers.


Remember Stealth pounces has least chance of getting birds + spreading your feeding more around map helps too (eat a thing or 2 stealth pounced maybe 3 then move a good distance and repeat). Most of the time doing this I rarely get birds but if I notice birds ignore me perk then I go on a feeding frenzy.


Don’t go for trapjaws as they take too long to kill and give barely any food, go for bigger meals such as mammoth birds or marsh/canyon striders. The more animals you kill the more likely birds will spawn.


Well, birds only come if u eat, so feel free to kill anything in the area, i believe macman once said it worked on a ‘‘eating alot in a short time period’’


I understand this frustration. One game I got birds like every second kill!


Yep, funny when you juke the hunters to be trolled by birds, seems like everything in this game that has the word bird in the name or looks like them is annoying as hell.


Ahem, bird chance only rises if you aren’t inside the caves, what happens in the caves, stays in the caves.




Actually, i am correct.


No actually you are wrong. Every kill increases bird hances regardless of in the caves or not. You just can not get birds while in the caves

Ths has already been said by devs


I want a quote, for i really doubt thats how it works.


what trapeer did they have what map and what monster were you


It’s already been said in stream and said several times in the forum I’m not gonna go back and look for it because it’s old as hell.

@MacMan if ya look at this feel free to post also I think we should have a topic pinned dedicated to all the specifics of certain mechanics to end this futile debates


For once, i agree, we do need a topic for these kinds of stuff.


I am sorry I missed the part where you used sneak attacks (still am) since I missed that part let me clarify. All I was doing was trying to help I made no assumptions except that you did not sneak pounce and you stayed in the same area (because you did not say unless I am missing it). As I am sure you are aware of sneak pounce has lowest chance of increases carrion chance (trapjaws I don’t know) as well as I am sure you also know that carrions chances have kind of range since and based on what I read you stayed in same general section of the map my rule of thumb is if carrion move as fast as possible to another section leaving as little of a trail as possible.

So please don’t make assumptions that I did not read when I went off what little info you gave me and tried to help you.


the earlier game is all RNG my friend.


I didn’t mention it because one it’s irrelevant sneak or no sneak eating increases you chacnes of bird equally per whatever meat you eat.