Okay this is just CRUEL


TRS, whoever designed your matchmaking system deserves a Nobel Prize for Trolling.

Most of the time I’ll be with a friend, like @Shin, searching for ages and getting only bots. Today I was in a party with three friends, including Shin and @ToiletWraith, and I had to leave for a second. In literally five seconds, I tried to join again.

The MM system gave them a full lobby.



'Twas true was she said… Saddening.


Sometimes when my internet decides to… ah… be a butt (Sorry, that is the tasteful PG version of what I really think) and disconnect me for exactly 3 seconds, by the time I hit “JOIN GAME” on my buds in the match we were playing, the spot’s already filled.

There was an open spot on the team all through the lobby and leading up to my DC in most of those incidents. But apparently MM decide to fill that and my spot the moment I DC :stuck_out_tongue:

That or I come back as the Monster in that same game. I mean, hey I don’t mind, but my Hunter-buds usually do hehe. For some reason, many of them are scared of me being Monster even though I’m not fantastic at it or anything. I think some of them are scarred from our AvP 2010 days.


no invite?


We had no time to invite her, the second she dropped from the lobby the slot was instantly filled. :c


What they failed to mention is that it was instantly filled… with another person they invited the moment she dropped!


What? It was just a… WHAT’S THAT KNIFE FOR?!


[Insert Jaws theme here]
The toilet wraith’s head emerges slowly from the waters


But they wouldn’t betray me like that! Right, guys?

Also right after that it made me the Monster. ಠ_ಠ And then @Shin blew me up with mortars…


You’re the one who tried to eat us after we offered the Hank bot as a sacrifice!
…Wait what?


I didn’t invite the player, would never betray you.

And I only used mortars, because you downed me 2 times. :cry:


Except it wasn’t a bot, was it?

You guys actually sacrificed two different players to me. I was not satisfied.


I somehow got this mental image of Goliath running at the group holding up Hank as sacrifice, then gets Mortars to the face when he gets close enough.

Yup. It’s past 3am here alright. Might be time for a nap if I can’t get this image out of my head O.o


I…It was a bot at first… ;w;"


Actually first I killed them all and then toyed with @ToiletWraith.

And then I couldn’t bring myself to hut @Shin again…


Betrayal hurts Rose… ~sniffles~


Yes it does. It hurts even more when it comes in the form of ARTILLERY RAINING DOWN ON MY ****ING FACE.


You hit me with like 5 giant boulders to the face…


You blew me up.


We died together Rose… We died together.


Actually you were alive.