Okay, stop whining and start fighting


So, there has been a lot of complaining about the Elder Kraken and all of its OP abilities and combos. I have something to tell all of you whiners. STOP. The Elder Kraken will be getting fixed with the TU but for the time being you will have to suck it up and don’t give those Elder Bastard the satisfaction of winning. I’ll give you tips from my personal experience with destroying Elder Kraken at stage 1 and 2.

Now, given the fact that they are playing Elder should let you know that they are more than likely plebs who need Elder to win. That Elder Kraken won’t make them a better monster, so you need to exploit the weakness that both Kraken have. Their ability to get away. So, obviously a chase comp is ideal. The one I have had the most success with is Val, Sunny, Abe, and Parnell. Everybody should run movement speed. Assuming you have a premade that can use these characters effectively then it should be GG against your average Kelder. The comp is being used effectively when the kraken is unable to eat enough to evolve and if they do Parnell should be right on him to melt armor and health away.

And one more thing, if the Elder Kraken is actually a good monster you will die regardless. :slight_smile:


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