Okay so what is going on


So these past 4-5 days my Evolve has been so f*cked up. For 4 nights in a row now I’ve been trying to find a game in HUNT, the longest time I waited was for 2 hours, no joke… :confused: And sometimes I don’t even find a single match so I have to turn it off in the end.

So the thing is that I was 2 points away from ranking up 4 days ago as monster, and I found a game against silver experts, everything was going well and THEN my ping went up to 3000 and higher, it was going up and down all the time and it was lagging SO BAD, I tried to wait for 7mins to see if it fixed itself but it never did, so I HAD to leave the game, and guess how many points I lost because of that? 14 points… Yes 14 points. My eyes were bleeding when I saw it, so that night I was so stressed because I wanted to rank up so badly so I stayed up for around 5 hours, I found 2 games… Against bronze ranked… Gained 2 points back after those games and I couldnt find any other games at all after that. And the thing with the ping going so high is something that has been happening recently for me, I am always so scared when I go online because of that, it never did that before, my ping has always been great (usually around 30-50 for me) but then just super random it can jump up to 5000 for no reason, and it has been happening for alot of my friends aswell, and they play hunter.

I have no idea why Evolve is like this… Before this I only had to wait MAX 5 - 10mins and I found a game, but never anymore, now it’s usually 2 hours as said.
Do I have to wait for so long because I am going into a higher rank or is it simply because there’s not enough people on? Also keep in mind that I go online on Evolve when everyone in the US is awake, I never play a ‘‘bad’’ time or whatever you wanna call it.

I’m sitting here right now and searching, been searching for 40 minutes…


Yes I have the same problem. BTW sorry for not versing you the other day my team didn’t want to verse a kraken but I tried explaining that you weren’t going to pick kraken :joy: but yea I don’t know if it is the servers or the decline in players but it’s very depressing…


It’s OK alot of my friends are dodging me :frowning:

Yeah I am leaving Kraken for now until the update, my main is Wraith so tell your trapper to get some Jack on the team and you’ll have a 90% chance of beating me haha


This is why I hate ranked. Yes, you do play with people in your “skill” level but that means you can’t go from game to game. If you want more games, go play Quick Play. Especially if you are in silver, not many players would be on, or there is an over saturation of monster players and you aren’t getting the matches.

Quality over Quantity. Sorry, you can’t have both.


I love ranked, it’s just that it has started to do this to me recently & I have no idea why. I hate quick play so much just because it’s too easy and I never get the monster…


This is so true on PC, I actually get quite some Ranked matches during the weekend, but all of them Determining Rank or they just became Bronze Skilled/Elite/Destroyer and still dont know what they are doing, which results in me getting +1 per win (which really boosts my skill level, @XplosionIncorporated showed that I still have a lot to learn :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ranked point system change?

I hope devs fix the ranked mode points distribution in TU >:( @GentlemanSquirl


Don’t quote me on this, we’ve made adjustments to how ranked calculates points, but we can’t do the major overhaul until we transfer completely off of the third party software we are using(I could be totally wrong).


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity. Is there some approx. Date when it will happen ? Or you guys dont kbow yet exactly?


I personally don’t worry about rank anymore. Until there are more players so it can work properly and you can get more games there’s just no point.
I tend to load up ranked and then leave it roll until a game is found. Right now I’m going to start playing Dark Souls II with Evolve in a window on a second screen so I know when I get a game :smiley:

How is the QA testing going?


Weekends are my best playing times and late at night.

Every morning tho I face the same damn team every time it’s never anyone different.


Transfer of the third party software, as in transfer away from Agora Games? (Could be mistaken)


Yeah I do so aswell, I leave it then I do other stuff, like watching your gameplay :wink:

But sometimes I don’t find anything at all haha, I could go drown in the bath and still haven’t got anything


Yeah same here, late weekend nights, but then we have the regular weekend issues where the online servers won’t work at all sometimes, crying…


When ever we play against you we have horrible ping. 400+


what does versing mean?


Happens to everyone, we’ve had far more good games, don’t always bring up the bad like someone wins because of the lag.


For what?


as in how is it progressing? swimmingly?


Will we not lose a ton of points and gain very few points?

On the topic of Ranked wait times, my ping never goes above 30, and the max I had to wait is 28 minutes. I just returned to Silver Skilled Monster today. Though if I lose one match, most likely I’ll be placed back in Bronze Destroyer. I have played with people who have pings of up to 1700. I turned around one time and saw a dome a few feet away from me.