Okay, how's THIS for a Wraith argument


I played as wraith in a match yesterday. Got to stage 3 with full health and armor, as the hunters made a mistake and went into the wrong direction. Looked like this match would become a 100% win for me.

So I headed to the reactor and started smashing it. There was only 30% of it left, when the hunters appeared. I had no chance. The wraith, having no AOE skill (except warp blast, but the range and damage is not that big enough) has a really hard life killing a good hunter team which spreads out enough so you can only attack one at a time.

Every time I killed a hunter and turned to the next one (no matter if I used decoy) the first got revived again. But I could also not stay there to prevent that from happening, as everyone was shooting at me and the wraith will lose health like crazy. Trying to get away to regain some armor didn’t help, as wraith only has such a small armor bar, that the hunters shot it away in seconds, leaving me vulnerable again.

Now, after playing several matches against the wraith, on hunter side, I even think that the wraith is the easiest monster to defeat. While he is fast, it laks armor and AOE attacks. If you focus on him during a fight, (something beginners seem to have a hard time with) he looses health so fast that in most matches, you can defeat him on stage one at first encounter but also on stage 3. Yes, he will use warp an decoy, but warp won’t help him, as he does no damage and won’t regenerate health/armor with it. So let him warp around. Decoy its not better either. Just always focus on the real wraith. Once he uses decoy, he can’t get away as warp is blocked while invisible and the decoy will vanish if you just shoot at it while you keep running at the real one. The best weapons so far would be the flamethrower and if he climbs on a hill, I just throw the poison grenades at it so he has to come back down.

You should always keep in mind that the wraith has only got close combat skill. So he has to get up close. Just spread out and focus on him. If he attacks someone, either distract him or just keep shooting. Lay out mines and harpoons so he will receive massive amount of damage or can’t warp away. If someone gets killed, wait until the wraith turns around and focuses on someone else. So you can revive your teammate.


Also, didn’t you get banned? Voluntarily? Lol. :smiley: