Okay, how's THIS for a Wraith argument


Played a custom match with my friends. I picked Wraith, told them I wanted to test something. Had them try their hardest to kill me. Game starts, put three points into supernova, went as far as I could from spawn to get full shields at level 1. Picked up damage buff from crowbill. Attacked them head on, and used supernova on cooldown. Killed them all, including daisy, and was only at half health by the time it was over. Game ended in no more than 3 minutes.

This is a stealth character, Turtle Rock?


It took you three minutes and they couldn’t kill a level 1 only using supernova? Not sure which is worse also video would be nice.


People will just tell you that you were fighting terrible hunters.


Yeah, I figure that’s be the only counter-argument. I didn’t even eat any bodies either. It was just a straight shot


They didn’t bother to hover over your head, use a height advantage or just move out of the nova against a monster that effectively only has about 6 health bars (if you include armour values) and no way to break vision to avoid damage or eat up while hidden? You also don’t think that a 35% damage buff would have a huge impact on that?

A video would be helpful. This sounds like they all just stared at you as you tore into them (or backpeddled on foot like what happened in a video elsewhere on this forum).


I can vouch for the team. They were all doing their roles very well. I was being trapped as much as possible. The healer was Caira, constantly putting healing nades down. Assault used lightning gun. Don’t know how else to say it, pretty sure it was all on my end winning the game. It’s definitely that monster


Super Nova is a strong move but it was your only move at stage 1. where you have No health or Armor. I really have to say your hunters where not playing well. I mean supernova is a hard move to doge but since it’s your only move no reason to jetpack a ton. You can’t decoy and run in the dome, there is no reason they shouldn’t have won that. I mean they knew what you were going to do you only had one move.


I can see this working, supernova is nuts right now, I popped my assault shield when a wrath went on me with supernova and she killed me through the shield and all my health in about 2-4 seconds, maybe the game glitched I dunno but regardless this is clearly broken, I dont think wraith is that bad but supernova clearly needs to be toned down, personally I would like it removed as it feels more like a gladiator kind of ability but wraith is meant to an assassin, give her like a back stab kind of move instead that would suit better


Much agreed, supernova is really strange for an assassin. A backstab could have been nicer :expressionless:


I would perfer this too to me decoy/abduct is more fun (gotta love pouncing a hunter you brought across map).


Bad hunters pretty much sums it up. Supernova doesnt do enough damage on its own to kill all 4, unless all 4 hunters were derps.


I think the buff helped. Can you tell me if you just do 3 points in Super Nova and get full armor it should be balanced since the hunters didn’t gave any buff that would balance the attack. Tell me if I am wrong though since I am also curious about good wraith strategies that work and the balancing of that character. I have been told that it is balanced so that should be better I hope.


What was the Hunter team comprised of?

Also vouching for someone’s skill on the internet is like having a whore vouch for your virginity.


Yeah I am just having a hard time putting my head around a team that couldn’t beat a stage 1 wraith with only one move. Op move or not you knew what move it was going to throw down.


Well, if, as a Stage 1 Wraith, you killed them all with just Supernova, they clearly weren’t all that great. It’s essentially irrefutable. Coordinated teams can counter Supernova easily. Height, distance, speed, abilities- SN is useless against good teams unless you can back them into a corner, in which case they’ll pour DPS on you and find a way to escape.

PursesnatchWraith is how it’s meant to be played. Balanced and fun for everyone.


you can win in fast times if you catch your opponents unaware

there’s an achievement for winning in under 2:05 too


Maggie & Daisy, Markov, Caira, and Hank

I play with the group of friends regularly, we all go several thousand points above the global average at the end of a match with our equipment as Hunters, if you’re wondering about skill level. My argument is, you shouldn’t have to cherry pick hunters to beat a monster. That’s absurd, considering in a public match you don’t even know what monster the 5th player is picking, so please don’t say a certain group of hunters should be played against a certain monster. Also, since the 35% damage buff is on most, if not all, of the maps in this game and the monster starts moving almost 25 seconds before the hunters drop, I’d say it’s fair game. Should we take off elite buffs? I don’t care. If people think it would help, go for it. If they should stay on the maps, fine with me. You’d be a fool not to get any buff you want as the monster though, since you can get to most anywhere on the map quickly and before the hunters drop, as I said before. So we can’t really say “Well, if you didn’t get the buff then…”


If I’m playing with friends (group of 5) I turn off buffs since I play in party chat and I don’t want the monster to hear us, so no point saying get the buff if the monster hears us so knows the health perk or what ever is were we are. I don’t think different stages increase damage but mostly health and the points in the abilities that you put in. Those abilities are then stronger but not melee, not fully sure though.


Yeah, the whole ‘you were playing crap hunters’ thing is getting lame now… If that is the case that EVERYONE has to be good and coordinated to win is a example as to why this game may not last long.

That’s coming from someone who loves Evolve.


common, really, i mean, really. Things happen sometimes. I lost to a stage 1 monsters even though i was with hunters lvl 30 and up, we just derped out, things happen. But i would never say, that because of that, stage 1 monsters needs nerf. We messed up and that’s it.
People are asking for videos, because from experience, majority of fights vs stage 1 monster are won by hunters. I’m lvl 40, i have played alpha, betas (ps4, xbox one and PC) multiple times and you can take it as is, but i consider myself an experienced player and i say it’s a fluke. I know lvl means nothing, but at the same time, if you have certain skill or to much free time this is somewhat good indication of how “good” player are you. Or how good teammates you have on very least. And i play mostly PUGs…

On the flipside, we won against stage 3 monster, now what does this say? nothing, absolutely nothing. Nobody is saying that you are lying, but without a “proof” that they didn’t derp, my experiences are telling me, they just dropped the ball, and that’s all. Happens to best of us. Eventually everybody loses, that’s the nature of life.