Ok this was just a little creepy


So I saw this rather creepy looking dead body while chasing the monster…



Dear god that’s horrifying!


I know! And the way its eyes are open and staring at you with its head cocked to one side lol.


Golden freddy colonist xD


Five nights on Shear!


No money in the world, etc.

“Hello? Hello hello? Well, if you’re hearing this, then chances are you’ve made a very poor career choice.”


Synthpaste rations will do a lot to you.


you’ve been visited…



I’ve seen that a couple times on that map! Although usually I justsee the person sticking out of the ground from their waist. Lol


time to derail the nope train :slight_smile:


Poor guy, he’s been resurrected to many times by our beloved Laz. Now he’s not certain if he’s dead or alive.



You’re profile pic is my favorite child link boss to kill in LoZ OoT :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried the laz device on one of those? A monster could eat it like a dead creature and the device works on those!


Coincidende that it’s my favorite too? I think not :slight_smile:

King Dodongo Rocks!

I switched to it when Behemoth came closer to a release. Behemoth have reminded me of King Dodongo from day 1 :smile:

I must say, Mr. Popo always scared me back in the day :wink:



This makes lord Popo gleam with pride :slight_smile: