Ok this needs to be a forum. BUGS/GLITCHES


Ok. SO iwant to say that I really live this game and thanks to all who put the time into it!!! But… a topic that you need on every web gaming site is a “bug/GLITCHES” reporting forum. Im not saying that you guys at the development team didnt do a good job but something as major as a “disappearing cursor” at the select screen is a real BIG ISSUE for a game that is within the first week of opening, after almost 2 months since a closed beta. Pls pls pls!!! Take note that im n o t bashing the game I just want to see it perfected and in my opinon it would be a good idea to open forums to a specific “bug page” so that you guys can iron out the game.




Like Commando said, that section there is where you would want to report bugs! Or the 2k forums, mainly! :slight_smile: