OK sunny needs a little nerf

not when you have a un-interrupted slim just going to down and then there is assault and trapper that is draining your armor and by the time support is at steady half health your armor is already gone and your taking lots of health damage

Yeah. I mean thats what you do against any comp as any of the monster. You pick the weakest link of the chain an beat on it till it breaks

Hey i also think sunny is OP, but i don’t complain otherwise TRS will nerf her too hard (cuz there are already too many “nerf sunny” thread) and she would become useless like wraith (cuz there were too many “nerf wraith” thread), so i git gud instead (not saying you HAVE TO git gud, I’m only telling personal experience)

No, drone need a shield 2 when support use it. Sunny is so good, but gun is now so weak. Best support times with Sunny, damage was over 20K and drone 5-10k and boosting … what a nice support. Lately monsters are attack first on support and then you dont put any drones :. So better damage (reload speed) and shield on drone 2. Boost is been nerf but its still good, with right perks.

The devs know she is OP, so expect some nerfs. IDK when.

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they dont really think shes op, but they seem like they are going to split her kit which is kinda of a nerf i guess.

No one gonna mention about the bug where drone is invincible and invisible temporarily after deployed. Without this it’s fine for me though.

I remember playing against steel dragon. Super salty. Sunny is fine as is, she has a 10 second cool down. It’s quite easy to see where she’s going to deploy a drone, and it even makes a little sound. Yeah, you have to stop and hit it a little bit, but that’s how it is. Against a really good team, and a medic like Val with strong single target healing, she is really hard to deal with, but I take as a challenge.

Also, if you have a hard time killing someone with slim as medic (other than slim himself) you need to get better. He doesn’t have the best healing others. You gotta burst the player down. Val sunny is the strongest comp I believe

I believe there is a 6 second cooldown after one is placed + a 2 second “arm time”, so assuming you are on the ball and destroy drone x before the 2 seconds are up then you have 8 seconds before drone y can be placed and start shielding. That not enough?

This is just another one of those threads I lost a match to a character nerf and it’s annoying nerf pls

with most sunny groups you have to focus sunny and her drone, you cant afford to focus anyone else because sunny and her drone will make it hard to down anyone, so its not a weakest link its take down that stupid infinitly spawning drone and sunny

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hahahahahahahaha wow your thick val/sunny? stronger then slim sunny? WOW now that’s a laugh and its not a get better scenario cause I will hit all my abilities, acid spits mimics spiders webs (webs not all the time cause I use that to kill the INFINITE SPAWNING DRONE) I will hit at the least 90% of my abilities and still take a long time to down sunny if slim is on the team, if it is any other medic except for sometimes Papa I wont have a hard time but slim and sometimes papa it takes a while, even if I am hitting all my abilities

that 2 second arm time the drone is not on your UI or able to take damage so most sunnies that are being focused will place run away quickly so you have to stay and focus drone while the medic will healup sunny and the cycle continues

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That’s a strategy. That’s not stats being too high, that’s a player being smart.

When Sunny is around, I know im going to have a bad time dealing with his drones and having the hunters on my tail really hard.

Then Again im bad some times. specially this time, because I always forget that I cant build M Goliath like normal goliath, and really dont know the diferences in his skills.
Like here…

But Im not sure If to blame Sunny or to blame Slim…
Jack was anoying but thats his job, i dont blame him for my saltyness.
now if you excuse me, im going to go in fetal position crying about sunny when I play wraith.

I don’t know what to say honestly. Stage 2 after 07:35. You try to be stage 2 at around 1:45 ~ in pub games and if they catch you. You’ll just evolve right after the first dome.
Why blame on Sunny and Slim if people don’t even have the basics like efficient feeding and fast evolving.

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I merely needed to watch the first dome fight to know you still have a lot to improve on your combat. Even though you hit almost every ability (mind you, because they weren’t that good at dodging at all) you take too much time in between. There’s a lot of animation cancelling you can do on Both Goliaths to increase dps and you should wave in a lot more heavy melees during your ability rotations.
Also, every time you heavy melee someone downwards you can almost guarantee a leap mash to connect as they will be tumbling

I know, that Im not really fast at evolveing supper fast, I dont know how some people can evolve like a minute into the match.
But I mostly blame sunny and slim because I hit skills and i see them full healt all the time, so there was a point where i just gave up and try to hide because i felt fighting was worthless
and most of the time I have this problems against sunny, but Slim is the one doing all the healing, so he can be guilty as well…
So even if you say “you were horrible evolving at time” thats fair, but not getting them close to die in the slightlest is what make me terrible with M goliath.

Who would be the best target in thouse fights?
because Sunny drone can block the stuff, and sunny help escape team mates
Slim will just shoot me and heal really fast everybody,
and jack will block me so when I try to smack between attacks, I will be cockblock.

and also, i dont know what you mean with “every time you heavy melee someone downwards you can almost guarantee a leap mash to connect as they will be tumbling”?

also, Again, i dont know Exactly how M goliath works… his rock seem to have no splash damage or something like that…
then what skills are suppose to be the good ones?