OK sunny needs a little nerf

Sunnies shield drone needs to have a longer cooldown cause it seems that she is able to put it back up as SOON as its destroyed which is kinda unfair, cause it is one of the strongest if not the strongest deployables and she is able to put it up right when one gets destroyed, cause I find myself as monster a lot that I will just destroy 2 in a row while focusing sunny and she puts one down and runs away then I have to waste a ability to kill it or time to where the medic can easily erase my progress on sunny.

well then attack someone with your CC attack and then whale on someone else. or break LOS

Her kit is getting split to an adaption at a later date. Just gotta hold on until then.

ok slim you have to focus or no one will DIE also break LOS? ok give time for all the hunters to regen to full and get jetpack while I get a LITTLE armor, and the drone just reposition it in seconds and I’m back to square 1 with less armor and even less health more then likely

so that means she is overall getting nerfed? THANK FUCKING GOD

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Honestly the problem I have is that you can smash her damn drone and instantly another one is right back up. The rare brief drone downtime she uses her class ability.
It’s like ffs just die already.

that what I meant in my 1st post

tell me HOW she is useless in caves, she can still infinitly deploy her drone and places with pillars are just a vantage point for her drone so you have to work EXTRA hard to destroy it

there needs to be at least a 20seconds respawn timer on that from the moment she puts it down that way she can only put on down right after its destroyed once then its on cooldown

Everyone knows Sunny is a little too good because of the inherent nature of her kit alone. I wouldn’t bother responding to stuff like that man, just wait for her changes.

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say that to about a dozen hunters that did a slim sunny combo and I was able to kill them as BOB and they said wow sunny and slim are so weak, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that

Sunny is fine. Her shield drone isnt instant and does have a charge time. Lets exaggerate because a hunter gives us a little trouble when played well. I swear you monsters are sitting playing with a little blanket over your knees, slippers on, pipe in mouth saying “Oh what Jeeves! This won’t do! That Sunny character had the audacity to replace that shield drone I just destroyed, now I have to destroy it again! Damn and blast Jeeves, this will not do, my 40 win streak is at risk! Quick, get on the forums to those blasted developers and raise merry hell!”.



im confused, when i say where sunny sucks and say its a git gud situation i get flagged, when you insult monster players you dont?

Tbh I agree with the flagged comment but terms such as ‘git gud’ etc. Aren’t allowed to be used. Especially if you are directing it at someone :slight_smile:

thats like telling someone that they are perfect at everything they do and it’s someone elses fault they keep on losing, not that they are versing better people or they cant fight a certain hunter but because ONE specific hunter is OP because ONE of her abilities are strong and annoy me so instead of figuring new tactics lets just nerf a perfectly good character

I don’t make the rules.

i just decide that people are somehow breaking them

nothing wrong with some passive-aggression :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:
but don’t you ever dare say g** g**
try something like “maybe you should practice some more :slight_smile:

I wasnt even the one who flagged you lol I was just answering the question you asked, so chill.

Wait whut?
No man you dont focus slim… you just kill his teammates. He doesnt have the healingoutput to make them surrvive.
That Los strat actually works rly well on gorgon with some armor regen perks. Sunny is just a joke now you guys have no idea how she was on release :slight_smile:
But now shes overnerfed but i am fine with this.

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