Ok seriously guys, who's making the eggs


We’re they made by original monsters what we see today but began as small eggs and got bigger or is there another but huge monster making them, and why are all the eggs goliath eggs?


Moma Goliath is one hell of a lady. But seriously, it’s possible that they are all just artificial. Remember that one of the theories regarding the monsters is that they are bio-weapons designed by some alien race/shady human corporation. So their creators might just drop the eggs from orbit like bombs. As for why they are only Goliaths: I dunno. Maybe TRS decided that it would be difficult to make mini-Krakens and Wraiths work together well.


You bio weapon theory is basically the sum up of prometheus and alien AND pacific rim (man, so many movies that have the same plot). I still like the idea though.


Well yeah it isn’t an original theory but it makes sense. Having the same species of monsters appear on multiple human colonies on their own would be wierd.


Every time someone creates a wraith thread an egg appears on shear


Oh God, that would maan all the maps are made of eggs! Eggs everywhere. Damn you Wraith!


You know I have sometimes seen and extra egg everytime I read a wraith is op thread hen I play nest, ahh what the hell, more babies. How am I gonna explain to mamma and dada goliath that I gave birth to 1 million goliaths… They would be so proud.


In a line of dialogue, Maggie says she had seen Monsters that could create other Monsters, which I’m assuming could be the fifth Monster, who is the one laying the eggs.
The eggs themselves don’t contain any one particular Monster, but they all have the genetic code inside them to hatch whatever Monster the alphas need, which is the Goliath, who acts as the foot solider, if you may.


Clever boy
Or girl, sorry


Uh… thanks? lol


XD sorry, didn’t mean to creep you out. Does anybody have a video featuring that dialogue?


Right here, it’s a screenshot: You guys are gonna love what I just found


Honestly at first for some odd reason, i thought it was the Behemoth since its meant to be the biggest right? the eggs shells seem to have the same kind of rock around them as behemoth i haven’t put that much thought into it, it just came up when i was playing evolve with some friends


Please no Weyland-Yutani xenomorph as a weapon reloaded. That is just so overused and lame…



Thanks to couple of first time posters two more eggs were made in the last 5 minutes.


The real question that we all should be asking is this… What came first? The monster or the egg?


No bio-weapon can explain why the entire planet is being burned and melted all the way through in just a matter of days. But do you know what can?


Man I love xenomorphs.


You know what? To hell with the human experiment/alien theory. Be demons. PLEASE BE DEMONS!