Seriously. I’m REALLY getting sick and tired of pounce hitboxes. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done and done now. These hitboxes are atrociously bad it’s just a derpy mechanic…can’t fly, can’t hide behind cover. Nope pounce grabs you anywhere anytime.

This is unsat. No pounce should be able to grab you 7m in the air nor behind/through objects.

Like WTH man…seriously…



How I feel

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As far as I know, it doesn’t. But if you have lag on your end, sometimes that’s just how it will look like.

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I feel really really guilty for laughing at this, this is a horrible thing! But so funny…Nnnghgngnn. ;-;

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How is it horrible? It’s an SNL Sketch.

I guess if it’s lag it’s all the more infuriating, jumping off a cliff with him 5 meters away to see him just grab you out of the air suuuuuuuucks

Cuz the guy cried. ;-; I feel awful.

…I can’t stop watching it though.

He’s a comedian :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a funny sketch.

Oh okay nevermind then I can continue to laugh without feeling guilty. ^.^


Hopefully this is fixed before March 31st 2016 -TRS

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Is it just me or does krakens pounce seem better than other monsters pounces when grabbing people?

Oh lord shush- it’s not even funnyyyyyy

It’s actually rather terrifying when you get mad at it…

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It’s BS. Stupid onsters and their derpy hitboxes. Why hasn’t TR evne touched this yet? Come on seriously…I’m just so sick of getting grabbed mid-air or around cover.

And no lag doesn’t involve it directly since it happens in solo games too.


Stupid mechanic needs to be nerfed…

Strange, I thought you thought it was hilarious when I get mad? ;_;

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Shaddap, I get mood swings too. ;_;

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You bet. But what to do? :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in an apartment building on the first floor.

One day I played with a guy who lives on the fifth floor. We lost pretty hard that day. And both were blaming connections.

But it kinda went overboard when he suddenly turned silent and a laptop fell from the sky.


I know.
When I get assault instead of Toilet:


Being shot once should put pounce on cooldown, so you have to be out of combat to be able to do it.

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