Ok... im going to use foul lang


first off, ive been enjoying this game very much since release. aside its obvious issues which have been fixed! thank you very much!

2nd off- Slims progression system is fucking bullshit! u guys are gamers? and his progression system makes sense to you? lmfao…


title is fucking misleading. i swear when and where i damn well please!!!

lol’d havent actually seen his masteries. what seems to be the trouble?


mother. fuckers.



The issue isn’t whether or not you curse, but rather your arrogant condescension.


As crappy as your attitude seems I agree. Slims progression needs some rework.


I’m a fairly patient person. But I can’t help but have an attitude, when issues such as this have already been bitched about with the already released hunters and these caring devs face palm the shit outa their newest medics progression. I havnt reached 2nd or 3rd star on some of the other new ones yet but I’m almost afraid to see what they are… Turtlerock, stop hap hazardously walking into markovs mines and blowing yourselves into useless giblets.


I don’t get why people warn about their language here. Have you met mother fucking Abe or Hyde? Even Slim throws around mother fucks. This is a forum for an M rated game right?

On topic, yeah Spud Launcher 2nd star is bullshit. I got both other tools maxed on it but only like 3 points in the launcher. I launch that shit all the time too, I’ve been taking max switch perk for it.

Do I need to trap the beast in a single shot cloud ?