Ok.. i am done. You have to fix this matchmaking


my patience is broken

this isn´t something rare. this is almost every game i play nowadays. It wasn´t that bad on the weekend though… but now. I can´t find a game before enduring at least three of these loops.

the matchmaking is at fault. it should fill up the lobby, pause the timer and add some time instead of creating a new one.


Doesn’t appear that matchmaking is to fault. Somebody kept leaving the game. At that point it restarts character select.


Then it is a leaver problem.
I miss the 250 keys for non preferred role. Could be 150, just incentivize me to play out of my preference.

Also Op, no wonder they quit, you going Torvald and all :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking that…lol


the matchmaking is at fault. it should fill up the lobby and pause the timer instead of creating a new one.


Or have a penalty for people not getting their precious role so that maybe they can learn to improve their play in other classes. <aka, git gud you fuckin waste of time>


What happens when the guy that comes in doesn’t have enough time to select his character? I think though that they should cut the timer down from 2 minutes to 1 minute.


i win my torvald games… except… you know:


Did you mortar it in the face?


then add 30 seconds… whatever. this here clearly isn´t working.


no i facepalmed, went afk and died.


Make a suggestion. No need to be so defensive I’m not attacking you. Just giving an opinion.



I mean, every time I want to play this happens: we get into a game lobby in 2 minutes tops, then somebody leaves so we search again, takes another minute tops, get into a lobby, leaves and this repeats 5-10 more times so it’s taking me between 5-10 minutes to finally get into a game. That’s almost as bad as the matchmaking was when we had 500 players, not when we have 5,000 (that’s what we have right? more or less?) and note: this process happens every time I play so I’m very sure this isn’t an isolated issue.

A leaver penalty once in character select (ie a lobby as I call it) would fix this very well, I would think. And I don’t mean a 1 minute penalty, that never stopped anybody in legacy lol.


i disagree with leaver penalties, i would rather see people get what they want to play. just give us the option to disable certain classes and rate the rest. maybe two disables would be enough. maybe only monster would be enough (yeah that´s comming).

but this does not fix the problem when someone leaves. That´s just happening unless you make really bad punishments like in dota. do you want this with an unstable game like evolve?


While the system can’t just give us what we want to play, leaver penalties are the realistic solution


Actually that’s not bad. I prefer playing hunters even though support is my worst class.

Anything but monster though lol, I’m terrible and brings out my inner salt demon.


this discussion again? why can´t the system not do this?


Because it can’t right now, it might in the future as part of their long term plan (since they are working on new matchmaking), but right now, until the devs announce otherwise, it is what it is.


the system can´t give leaver penalties right now… so that´s not an realistic solution either then, is it?[quote=“niaccurshi, post:19, topic:99947”]
it is what it is.

the sad part is that i said that this exact same thing will happen before they implemented it. call me clarevoyant i dont´t care.