Ok gears of war ultimate edition wtf

so i fought this dude who kept going on the wall im shooting the shit out of him no aiming then he just shoots once my head falls off i try it dosent work

What weapon did he have?

a gnasher fight

So you had one, too?

yes both gnashers no active reloads either

And last question.
What range was he at when he shot you?

we were both in each others faces i was even shooting his head

Only one word to describe this.


i was kantus he was carmine

Gears of War is the new thing with law breakers and the assassin and more? right?

if i had a fucking sawed off dude just uh they bring everything but the retro lancer and sawed off


All aboard the Cole train, baby!


coles to big of a target for online though

The references, maaaan

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You weren’t aiming down sights were you?
You’ll never win a gnasher fight against a good player if you ADS, you need to roll about and hipfire.

I heard the Gnasher is just inconsistent atm. Should be fixed in a patch.

I am going to clear this up real quick for ya. Since this game is the remaster of the first gears of war the gnasher is probably the only gun in existence of gaming that works whenever the fuck it wants to work. It works whenever it feels like it should work so you have about 25% control of your own gun. This how it was intended to work so they will probably never change it. The reason he got a headshot is that there is a specific place to have to aim in hip-fire to get a 100% headshot, it really is not that hard to do. Sorry but you got outplayed because he knew exactly what he was doing.

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i said i wasn’t aiming already

so you just jump al around like a idiot shooting your gnasher