Ok, found a badass hunter to join our team, now we need a badass MONSTER


Alright, now if your a monster and you got game msg oGgKo on xb1 for esl tournament. You are the last piece to our puzzle so lets give it a shot eh? Thank you



im wraith rank 14 world…23 WITH the 9 people that have 100000000000 wins/loses but 14 if you take them away

I paly PC


He said xbox one :confused:


Sorry man were on xbox


I’m a pretty badass monster player gt is VileCrib3


I’m rank 24,463 globally but I have gold skin


Sent you a message if you want to come tryout


I’m an awesome monster player and kicked butt during the beta. Sadly I don’t actualy have the game.


If your actually looking for someone who plays on Xbone and is a great monster hit me up man. Send me a PM so we can figure out tryouts. Do you have a preference for monster? I play all of them quite well.


What is your gt, ill message you when i get off work man


My GT is supercybird . I won’t be on till the weekend though, I have a lot of work to do.