Ok for serious what's up with the Caira hate?

Well yeah because you’ve gotten used to having an OP medic.

Lol. Val is not balanced at all compared to the other medics.

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They play with: fair weather, no elite buff and only three maps. Its completely different in HUNT 2.0 ranked mode. And I didnt said she is bad, she is my second favorit medic.

I would wish that hunt 2.0 ranked would be like this. But the real world looks different.

Not true, healburst was nerfed, radius of the nades was nerfed and healing on her self was nerfed. On console the radius nerf was hard for a lot of people. Our medics or me hit every shot with her and every healburst. So yes she isnt that bad but just look no one plays her.

No. Why so rude?

What? You really think that Slim is in a good state?
Or Laz?
Caira is almost in a good state, I think in the next patch her healburst buff will do it.

Val is only really powerfull cause Sunny and her Tranq but for a single target healer the healing is fine.

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Lol what? Her healburst right now has a 2 second lower cooldown than it had at release, it was never nerfed. Same with her self heal, why are you just randomly making nerfs up? And like I said, any competent Caira player had no problem with the radius nerf, you still heal the same amount if you hit every nade as you healed at release. So you healing less with her is just you missing grenades.

I’m not being rude. You’ve just said yeah Caira hasn’t gotten worse asides from losing a grenade and then say but I don’t like her anymore. She was perfectly fine for every single hunter up until Val got her ridiculous healing buffs. So if it isn’t because you’ve gotten used to having a medic who is OP what exactly makes Caira a poor medic now.


Kinda sorta.

Caira is in a good state healing burst buff will still not put her anywhere close to where Val is right now.

Cause her healing is the best, her healing burst is second best by second best I mean 43 health less than Emet who has shit healing, and she has the best utility out of every single medic her CC is almost as good as a trappers it sooo much easier to use no charge up(stasis rifle) can’t be traversaled out of(stasis grenade) highlights the monster has almost no travel time

The cons so it lasts a couple seconds less who cares its easier to land and doesn’t have a charge mechanic
It’s a little bit weaker than stasis so what it can be paired with harpoons or repulsor

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Vall is op/up or balance? Imo, she is balance (tranq is smelly subject for another discussion). Imo, she is balance. And i like to see not Vall Nerf but others medick smal buffs. But realy small. Laz is high risk /high reword med but he is for sure not popular as he was. Slim is super fun to play but he dont have super fer healing imo. Ok, if you go with head shots, he is ok. But he need to swich a lot on his sec wepon so in this moment I think his heal dron should get hp buff. He is on 1 shot and imo he should be on 2shots/1 ability. And Caira, I said that. SHE is super to heal group. But in Evolve, hunters dont should stay in group while fighting. But I don’t know how to balance her. Emet imo is ok. Low heal but offensive mode and his 30sec stick😊

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Source? I dont think so.

Val was bad she had no self sustain at release. The buff was needed.

And again I never said she is a poor medic. She is my second choice.

Yeah but she is a single target healer. Caira can heal more people at once as a single target healer she should be powerfull at healing one target. If you guys want a nerf on Val then give her one shot on tranq and one shot on the sniper but dont touch her healing ^^

Exactly what I tried to say.


Yes you have to spread and then Caria is not that awesome. For group healing she is very good. But then the monster can group damage with one attack.

Yes E.M.E.T is nice but I would like to see some reduce of the spawn time. Every good monster will destory it in the 30 sec.

Her healing burst received a cooldown buff from 22 to 20 seconds last patch, or the patch before that. At release her healing burst had a 22 second cooldown and it only ever received one buff, never a nerf. And back at release reload didn’t affect class abilities either, so no that reload nerf did not make her healing worse than release.

Went through all the patch notes only mention of caira’s heal burst.

Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.1.1 (PC) & 6.0.1 (Console) Notes:

Buffs were needed but not all the ones that she got.

And your first choice is an OP medic congratz so pro you earned every win I’m sure…

Yeah but monsters try to focus down one hunter usually the support first.

Caira has almost 0 utility and when you group up for those heals you’re within 8 meters of another hunter in perfect range for a WB, AS, RT/LS, LB or fissure. Val has utility and self healing and great sustainability.

Caira is basically 100% heals she has adrenaline field that she can use twice a dome with a shit weapon. Val is a trapper with great heals the second best heal burst and a fairly decent supporting weapon.

That wouldn’t solve any of the problems with Val at mid to high skill level. If you can aim giving her only one tranq is not a nerf it’s extremely easy to land tranqs. Val’s healing is bad at low levels because they group up and multiple people get hit by abilities. At high levels they don’t group up.

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Caira is absolutely perfect and dosnt need any buffs or nerfs she’s a very good medic, I welcome the healing burst buff that coming up :smile:

@TatzyXY I don’t think you realize cairas healing potential just because Val is the best medic it dosnt mean all of the others are bad.

my opinions about the medics.

  • Val: no opinion on her.

  • Lazarus is balanced

  • Caira is balanced

  • Slim is very slightly UP the buffs that are coming up are very promising

  • Emet needs some sort of buff on his healing just anything.

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Before the Val buffs, weren’t people telling TRS that Caira was the best medic to use for a balance target? Like… Her damage might not be the best, but it’s enough for a medic. And while her healing might not be most desirable for a single target, it gets amazing when you need to heal two or three targets at a time; pop that heal burst along the way and her mediocre healing becomes incredible.

I suppose people are just so used to Val’s utility and perfect aim that they struggle more with Caira and the way she plays. Does that mean she’s not as good as Val? Only if you account for the tranqs; even though Caira does the opposite by speeding up her team, albeit briefly.

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I’m gonna record some of our games and upload those. You might get to use some EMET and Slim in ranked.


Best not to make assumptions based off of your own experiences. I can say as a Gold monster on console this is a more common thing than you let on. If no teams at my level are present then it lower the bar until I find a team. Hell I still face bronze destroyers on occasion.

Agreed…and I still think certain aspects of certain Hunters are OP. WL Maggie being one example. Her damage is too good and harpoon range and arm time is too good.

The game is hunter favored in general I’m a Silver monster and get matched up with a lot of Bronzes…there’s not enough good Hunter teams but if it’s a Hunter team that works together and knows the game, the game will favor them.

I am so sick of seeing Val, Sunny or one of the Hank variants, and one of the Maggie variants. Sick sick sick of it!!! Assault seems to be in a pretty good place I see people use all of the assaults.

How anyone can make the claim the monsters are op is laughable…Kraken is the only argument they have. Ask a regular Goliath player how OP they are lol.

Caira isn’t bad it’s just that Val is too good and too easy to use and Val is good for people that likes playing the medic in Team Fortress 2 lol.

Val’s tranqs are still too good so Val is considered to have better utility. Val’s tranqs can be abused in combination with other abilities such as WL Maggie’s ridiculous harpoon.

Caira is balanced and a great medic. People just don’t have that much faith in random medics I suppose

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ya I don’t know why people think Caria suck when must Caria’s I’ve encountered are all in my opinion GOD MODE for the heal the team and you don’t even notice you health is low

They win against a good monster with Val and lose with Caira and refuse to think maybe it’s because that monster is better than me.it must be the medic that is UP

Ikr? Also Caira needs her teammates to position themselves on flat ground and when you have dumb teammates that continually fly and waste their jet pack and somehow wonder why you couldn’t heal them or they couldn’t dodge, you just sit there like, ‘What the fuck?..’

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Would still take Caira over Val any day for the simple fact that I prefer Caira’s simplicity and kit over Val’s.
Come at me Val players >:l


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