Ok for serious what's up with the Caira hate?


Today I was pubbing (yeah I know, I’m an idiot) and TWICE I picked Caira and people just up and left. Second time, I tested by going Emet, choosing him, everyone was readied up, backed out and chose Caira, two people left…


So I’d like to take a poll her on the general community’s opinions of this character.

  • She’s good
  • She’s ok
  • She’s bad

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Do so many people honestly think she’s so bad that her being picked justifies leaving? ._.


Well, she’s not new and she’s not Val, so people think she sucks. She’s my second favorite to use, right after Slim.


I KNOW. I’m a Caira main and I don’t really like to play any other medics, but every time I pick Caira, I get the “oh boy… not Caira…” so sometimes I give in and play Val, so they’re like, “ok thx!”



What’s worse is when the guy is like “Nah man pick Slim.”

Are you drunk, lad?


They don’t want to adapt to her style.


You mean they’re bad? Yeah.


#let’s go to war


I think the problem at this point is that she is so much less efficient than all the other medics, except for potentially Lazarus, but he has always been in a weird spot. Every other medic can heal in a more easy and reliable way.


I don’t find Caira particularly good or bad. She’s just sort of there. I like her Acceleration Field a lot, but her Napalm Grenades do laughably little damage, and her Healing Grenades don’t do a hell of a lot.


You’re joking?

Her healing is easily better than that of Emet, Rogue Val and Slim. Easily.[quote=“Aquaman6686, post:8, topic:80673”]
her Healing Grenades don’t do a hell of a lot.

It kinda feels like that at first but once you learn to hit them all perfectly, her healing is great.


But the other medics don’t really have to aim is the point I was trying to get across.

She is a very good medic, but also very high skill cap compared to them.

I imagine pubs just assume they are going to be given someone who sucks as her? Iunno.


…But she’s not even hard to aim with. D:

On PC and on console, even with a gamepad, hitting all grenades isn’t hard.


But pubs still suck. So they assume you will not be good.

They are pretty stupid for that I think.


Oh true I forgot that pubs were mind destroyingly bad at their jobs. Hmm.


She’s an OK pick, I just don’t like playing as her.


I do far better with Caira than Val, Laz, or Emet. 100000x Better self-sustain. More consistent with healing.

They’re not supposed to do amazing damage, she’s a Medic. Not a main damage dealer, or even a secondary damage dealer. It’s just damage to say you did damage. And also for killing wildlife if need be.

Val is the only other one that has a direct healing. Laz only has heal burst (the glove doesn’t heal), Slim has Drone and Heal Burst, and Emet has the Buoys and HB. All of them are situational or proximity-based. Less effective. Val also requires direct LoS, while Caira can heal behind objects that would normally break sight for Val. She also has better range on healz.


I do way more healing as caira every game than i do with val, due to the fact that caira can heal thru walls, longer range , multiple targets, non stop healing and only downtime is the short reload on grenades. IDK why people hate on caira… monster players dont like it when the support is good and I hit 99% of my non-stop healing grenades while fighting. no one really dies


Apart from Val (let’s just totally ignore Val for the moment ok?) Caira’s the only Medic whose healing isn’t shut down by:

Forcing her to pop her bust early (RV)
Destroying buoys (Emet)
Focusing, lol (Slim)


I mastered Caira a long time ago. I’d still prefer Val or Slim any day.


I had my first game with a Caira for a LONG time the other day. I don’t play her because, quite frankly, I’ve not put nearly enough time in with her since the grenade radius was reduced to be reliable for my team… but if the people I’m playing with know how to play her she’s as good as she ever was! I thanked the person for picking Caira BTW :slightly_smiling:


Slim is like…Decidedly bad though. According to like every good player.