Ok fine, building PC to play Evolve. 120FPS@1080p. Suggestions?


I need more Evolve.

What rig is required for 1080p 120FPS? I dont need ANY AA, FREESYNC, MONITOR, MOUSE/KB, HDD, CASE, ETC.
May need PSU if need over 400w.
Max budget = $1000 Canadian.

Willing to play at PS4 level settings if required.

It would help to post your build, settings, framerates.


I am considering GTX 1060, I7 4790K, MISC MB WITH OPTICAL OUTPUT.

Sry bout caps, mobileness.




Willing to play at PS4 level settings? PS4 uses a modified HD 7870


What monitor are you using?


Yeah but I want 1080p at 120FPS, PS4 is just 30FPS.

NO AA, all other settings at PS4 level or better.


I have a 1080p HDTV with true 120hz and a game mode and a PC mode.

Its faster then any monitor.


i76700k, Kraken x61 cooler, GTX 1080, and msi z170 m5. :slight_smile:


Does that do 1080p at 120?

Or is that what u use?


Either way gtx 1080 is $1000+


Look up a titan :wink:


You are going have to spend more than 1000 bucks to get your 120FPS


Wat about at 900p then?

Hopefully i dont get input lag with the scaling.


No one here plays at 1080p 120?

How about 1440p @ 60FPS?

Yell me your rig, settings and FPS if u dont mind, should help.


I play at 1080P, just not 120FPS lol


Nvidia’s GTX 1070 is faster than a Titan X and that’s a strong card


I was just remembering the last time I looked up a gpu and the prices


Wat rig do u use at 1080p?

Do u get constant 60?

Anyone know wat to expect from gtx 1060?

Supposed to be 2-3 times faster the gtx 960.
Said to be faster then gtx 980.

1080p at 80?


Well I suggest newegg for buying and I have a pretty cheap setup im playing on but anything is better than a Xbox’s shitty 23fps.


I have an i3-4150,GTX 680 and 16GB RAM