Oi dev people


Is this a bug? Should I report this? Or is this intended?

(monster in dome, trapper outside dome)
This happens when you hit the trapper with so much force that he flies out the dome before the dome finishes dropping after thrown.

P.S. I hate you Jawa. Get back in here and face my wrath!



The arena feels like it either has a ton of undiscovered mechanics, or is bugged tremendously. Not the first time I see something crazy happen to the arena wall.


Pretty sure it’s not a bug. It’s rare that it’ll happen, but not impossible.


That would be so painful for a monster if done in nest or rescue ;p


Oh, it’s intended… To troll you😈


Not a bug.It just happened.W/e go far away from him and fight the others 3v1.If he comes back you kill him.If not its still a 3v1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure this is a “feature”.
It is impossible for the trapper to escape the dome without help from the monster/Hank, so it’s pretty legit if you pull it off.


But it was just me and him T^T he was just panicking because I trapped him instead of the other way around and that happened T^T


Yeah well.You are the first achieving something like this so…


In the event the Trapper falls outside the Dome, I think it should auto-disable the dome, but be immediately available for redeployment.


Or we could just cap knockback power so you can’t be launched 40 meters in 1500 ms.


I’ve had this happen to me in Beta twice. One was with a Caira speed boost + jetpack jump backwards after deployment (Something else happened, but i forget). The second was getting a vortex to the face RIGHT as the dome was deployed.

It’s funny…You can just stand outside the dome and laugh at the monster’s fatal attempts to get you.


I could see some abilities and buffs stacking to make it possible to leave… Caira’s speed combined with movement speed buff from Canyon Striders, combined with a chosen perk and the right placement could make this possible…And really annoying for the monster.


Agreed, rare enough and doesn’t require any kind “bug” or “exploit” so if you can pull it off…good job!


Just because a “bug” is rare, does not mean it should be ignored. If they say it’s intended, it’s intended, but if it’s a bug, it needs fixing. The occurrence rate does not affect whether or not it should be fixed. It merely increases priority if it’s common.


Heh… That’s funny. I’d be a bit… agitated myself were I in your shoes, but I wouldn’t personally think it a bug, just one of those One-in-a-million things that’s still technically legit :confused:

Still… I hope he ran into a chomp plant… Best kind of justice for things like this, b/c you KNOW he would have mooned you against the dome’s edge if he could


Oh I was on mumble with him. Let me tell you just how much worse it made it! ><!


That’s why I specifically said “doesn’t require any kind of ‘bug’ or ‘exploit’”.

Unless they went through the dome’s wall, ie glitched, it might be unintended but isn’t a bug.


Yeah. there’s a reason why you cannot “throw” the Mobile Arena to a location and instead it opens immediately near the Trapper on throw; because under normal mobility functionality, they’d have no way to get outside the dome, which I personally believe is the intent of this functionality.


But it is a viable tactic! It’s very difficult to pull off, and the other three Hunters will be at a disadvantage, but it could be useful.