Oh, so Wraith is totally OP but Abe is fine?


So, the Wraith is totally OP and needs a hard nerf and blah blah whine whine, but Abe gets a pass?

What are you guys smoking and where can I get some?


Why you have to create this thread and not put it in the 100 other threads specifically tied to this topic?


Because none of them are addressing the issue that Abe is way, way OP.


Will you delete this if you are wrong? Just put abe in the search or scroll down. There is plenty about him being op


I don’t see any problems with Abe. I also don’t think Wraith is OP but I can see why people are saying this but looking to Abe, I can see nothing to worrie as monster :smiley:


Abe is not overpowerd I think it’s quite laughable to think so just my opinion though.


Abe is Overpowered Here is 143 messages on him being op with the last just a few hours ago.


@Myala Yep, /thread


well he cant track until he shoots you sooooo


Abe isn’t OP. He usually takes a while a track the monster compared to the other trappers. It’s just, when he does track you he can really keep on him with the tracking darts.


Why would anyone complain about a free stage 2?


How is Abe OP? I have absolutely no trouble stomping him as any of the three monsters.


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