Oh My GOD...Evolve Graphics on PC


Wow…just wow. I never really paid much to PC games for whatever reason that I can’t think of right now, (probably the elitist flavor people keep giving off in youtube comments er something) but when I saw the new gameplay video my jaw dropped to the floor. No seriously, it dropped and I’m currently putting it back on from the hinges with one hand while typing. Now that aside, does it REALLY look like that on a consistent basis, because good god… when I look at that gorgeous screen and then taper back to my Xbox One I just get a poker face growing on me…


Why wouldn’t it look like that on a consistent basis? If you’ve got a powerful enough PC, it looks fantastic at all times. Getting 100FPS, mmmm.

Also, getting into something or not getting into something due to Youtube comments of all things is… wow. Never let Youtube comments influence anything. Ever.


Guys, please don’t ever read youtube comments


That elitist flavor in the youtube comments is just the “pc master race”. Most PC gamers don’t associate themselves with that group of… people.

And yes, PC does look that good. Do mind that you need quite a beefy computer to run this game at max graphics. Don’t be fooled by people who claim you can get a high end gaming PC for console prices (because you can’t).


It’s not that I’m getting into or not. It’s more that I get this impression that there may a hell of a lot more of em.


PC master race, unite to spread the word.


Who cares, though? There’s PC fanboys, MS fanboys, Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, all of them crazy in their own ways. Owning one of their machines does not make you one of those people nor does it mean you have to interact witih them.


Ah money isn’t really much of a prob (not in terms of amount, just buying a 1000 dollar rig doesn’t seem pricey in long term, sure console may be cheap at the first, but the amount of guys that NEVER go on sale until months later really rack up the total people will spend, whereas PC I’m constantly hearing about these legendary steam sales every so often…)


Steam sales are insane. also $1000 on a pc (if you build it yourself) will get you more than enough to run almost every game on full graphics.
Plus it will do more than a console. sure its great for gaming, but it can do much more.
also, if you’re like me you like having the controller. you can use a wired xbox controller on your pc so you dont have to switch up your gameplay too much. just download the free driver.




Ignoring the fact that that is still slightly more expensive than an xbox one, the specs of that “gaming pc” are far below that of an xbox one.

That PC is far from a high end gaming PC.


Welcome bother, we have been expecting you!

Sure a decent PC Gaming rig will probably be more expensive than a console. But as you already discovered performance can have your PC last 3-5 years depending on your parts and the games you play. I built my PC back since Battlefield 3, way before I knew Evolve existed, and it runs like a dream. (Could write off the tax if you run your own business)

Not to mention the plethora of games you have access too, and the infinite amount of things you can do on a PC that consoles simply arn’t designed for. Oh and oh my god, I cringe at how badly people aim with controller, they have never experienced the accuracy and speed that the Mouse and Keyboard brings.


PC MasterRace


it looks really good on pc :slight_smile:


you know considering :

  1. tv $200-$700
  2. Console $400
  3. pay monthly to play online (seriously…WTF?)
  4. second controller or other accessories
  5. sub-par graphics / shitty framerate caps

why anyone would buy a console?


Because most console folks don’t want/can’t deal with the knowledge required to research/buy or build their own PC. I get it, it’s not for everyone. But man, how powerful do you feel once you boot up a brand new build for the first time. You feel like a god damn genius!



Made possible by CryEngine generation 4. Most games on CryEngine tend to have incredible graphical fidelity, especially when on PC. Flames especially tend to look AMAZING on this engine.


I still can’t wrap my head around that. When I heard it first I thought I was trolled, but no it’s real. You have to pay to play online with a game you already paid for.

Is there a rationale behind it? I can’t really see it. (That’s an honest question.)


Yes. The rationale is that they’re a company and like making money. Didn’t one of the consoles also prevent people from using NETFLIX without paying for it, even though you’re already paying for an internet connection and Netflix?


The whole console payment issue summarized by 1 Image:

To each their own…