Oh lord, have we been drinking?


So, anyone else got a gaming hangover? I’ve got a headache, a dry mouth and a general tiredness after the 20 hours played since launch.


I did not sleep well. Taking the afternoon off work to recover with more evolve. Woo PhD flexibility!


I haven’t had the chance for this yet, but it will happen tonight into tomorrow.


All kinds of Jelly here man…I have about 40 minutes in, and that was the 2 tutorials and 3 or 4 QUICK solo games. I haven’t had the time yet to be able to commit to MatchMaking. Ugh!

This weekend I hope to make up for it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel you. Played twenty hours straight after launch yesterday. Now I have errands to do all day :frowning:. But then it’s right back in to playing for the next week :smile:!


Stayed up until 1am last night trying to unlock Caira, I eventually unlocked her. Now I’m at work tired as hell haha. All good though.

This weekend I will have a 12 pack by my side though.


Need a Downvote button for the shear (see what I did there) hate of you folks who can play all week! :stuck_out_tongue:

I might take a day off myself I think now. LOL


On Tuesday I came home from work, took a shower and went to bed at 18:00 o clock… Set my alarm to 23:55, but did not sleep. Didn’t matter, I still got up to start the download, played until 4:00 and then went to bed again so I’m not too dead at work.

I still had major headaches and nearly fell asleep on my desk. But still… didn’t matter :grin:


I did literally this exact same thing.


Are you me?


I am you. You are me. We are.


I played like 8 hours of Evolve yesterday…and I had to deal with school, as well. I stayed up until 2am on launch day, and I stayed up until 3am yesterday…this doesn’t seem health, lol


Still haven’t gotten my copy yet :frowning: though I’m glad so many people are enjoying it. Soon for me lol


duuuude i am still recovering. the last few matches i caught myself waking up mid match lol. I STILL won and i was standing still for a bit hahaha. then i tried to drive to dmv. man not doing that again.


I might have done a liiiiittle too much playing myself as well, not that that’s stopping me from jumping back in, with minimal breaks to eat and such.


I go to sleep at 5 am, wake up at 9 am, then 10, then 11, then 1.
I do not recommend living your life like this.