Oh how I loath you tracking darts


Is there some way to tell if a potential meal is darted because it’s getting a little insufferable when you play with a good trapper. Everyone says the Wraith is overpowered but against a team consisting of Abe and Bucket, I just got hounded to the ends of the map. Even with my superior speed I couldn’t catch a breath, either I was being tracked by a dart or by the UAV the entire game. The Bucket player was using this to his advantage to UAV me while I was darted the entire time.

I was hoping to find a way to tell the difference so I can avoid tainted meat or at least some counter to this. Is there a limit to how many animals can be darted before they expire, or a limit on the time before they stop working? If not that’s a little imbalanced if you ask me, most other classes have limits on how many turrets, traps, mines, etc that they can deploy, being able to dart half the wildlife on the map is kind of nuts…

If not, how do you monsters avoid a dart-happy hunter?


He can dart unlimited animals and I don’t think there is any way to tell. Abe just has a super strong late game. My only tip is to try to stealth and not leave tracks this will stop Abe for a while to you eat a dart.


I would suggest you placing few strikes on Abe asap.

You need to put some pressure on hunters from time to time too.

If you are tagged just run around, if you see they split into groups of two, try to engage the group without trapper, down someone and run away.


You need to pressure hunters, Wraith is super strong even early on.


Interesting, being the weakest character physically and the one geared more towards stealth it seems crazy to just go Goliath on them but I’ll try anything.


Wraith is a lot of things, but I don’t think I’d call her physically weak hehe.

She can’t tank a wet paper bag to save her life if you get uptime on her, yes, but she’s bursty.

Takes a little practice; Zipping in and taking someone down rests on how well the team reacts in a lot of cases, a Hank with a quick trigger finger will hamper an attempt quickly, but that doesn’t happen too often in pubs, in my experience anyways. You’ll soon learn to feel when you can pull it off and when you should bug out. AI will likely be a good thing to test it out on, they’re pretty good at protecting each other (But not when you’re on their side… grumble grumble) soif you can do it to the AI, you can likely do it to a Pub group :wink: