"oh he's just hiding and running away all game" - every hunter


whenever i win a round as monster, no matter how aggressively or nastily i play, no matter whether i’m wraith or kraken, or if i joined a GIP as goliath, somebody says over comms “oh you just ran away all game” or “stop hiding all game”

what is the monster supposed to do?

being shot stops you from eating. you get more powerful by eating.

the idea is not to get shot at until stage 2 or 3, or at least until a time of your choosing.

my question is really: how is a monster supposed to win fairly without running for at least HALF the game (50% of the time played)

note the word fairly. if i don’t run i pretty much have to jump the hunters stage 1 (i actually regard ending a game this fast as bad taste to be honest). if i don’t pick wraith i can’t really get away after that (especially with kraken, goliath has it better)

running and hiding with the wraith

wraith’s blurb says a few things: assassin, stealthy, and hit and run.

how can people complain about wraith running when it’s designed around running


It might just be me, but Monsters are not fluffy little kittens you know. A skilled Monster can win quite easily at Stage 2, and a lot of good Monsters say they only go to Stage 3 if they are up against a good team. Wraith is a unique case in my opinion, but if you can run around freely as a Kraken, then that is on the Hunters.



this is why i say it’s bad taste not to run. i’m sure everyone would rather track for 10 minutes and die in 2 than die in 2


People will always complain if they loose. So far I only had 1 game in which I was complimented by the hunters and did some more matches with them, and that was way back in the alpha. All others just leave or don’t respond anything when you say gg after the match, even if both sides did very well.

And yes, hunting and trapping the monster is part of the game for the hunters, so they have no right to complain. Then again, when I play hunter I also dislike monster who only run until they are stage 3, but that is just my personal opinion. I like engaging hunters on stage 2 and only go to stage 3 when I have lost a lot of health or they have a perma-hiding support, so I have to go for the relay to prevent the timer going out. I somehow expect others to do so as well, but everyone has their own playstyle.


Avoiding S1 fights is understandable depending on the enemy comp and how competent they felt during the tracking phase.

But it’s a shame not to take a fight in S2 once you’re armored. I’d rather fight at S2 in a favorable area (enclosed/open space depending on monster/hunters, or next to some nasty wildlife) than try to take a fortified power relay.

There will almost always be a bit of running involved in your monster play, and don’t listen to frustrated hunters who blame you for that. On the hunter side, I play trapper and if I do my job, the monster should not be able to run, especially a Kraken!


If people moan at your for running away as the monster, they really need to play another game! The whole idea is that you run away. The other players are called “Hunters” for a reason, you’re supposed to HUNT your prey, not have it handed to you on a silver platter. I enjoy hunting for the monster and eventually trapping it in a corner to make filling it of lead easier. People that bitch at you for running should go back to COD clearly.


This topic makes me think I should probably start complimenting the good monster players more


i always try to compliment play regardless of if i win/lose. if the hunters got me to less than 1hp as wraith they deserve a standing ovation imho. if they beat me they’re straight up better and they deserve the win.

the most hype i’ve gotten after a game was like a gladiator-stage 1 wraith draw

i just waited at spawn with warp blast 3 and died to a pistol as i killed the assault.

i always fight at stage 2 unless i already killed all the hunters and i can’t find bucket or something.


… I guess I’m doing it wrong then with stage 1 engagements. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you can win at Stage 1, then do it? As a Hunter player, I hate it when a Monster drags it out. If you can win, then win, and I’ll either decide to go for a rematch or look for an opponent closer to my level. You might know this already, but most Hunters are more interested in the fight as opposed to the running around.


okay, what about vs caira? it’s very hard to escape once she’s on you the first time. gotta actually incap her to get away.

@beravin - so am i, but there’s always the element of waiting for the perfect spot/time to pounce and getting into position. this is usually what i’m doing once i’m stage 2. (getting behind them as they follow my tracks)


I’ve had quite a few games where both parties complimented themselves freely at the end of the game. One such game happened yesterday. 18 minutes of pure bliss. While monster was quite elusive, he was certainly not afraid of fighting us. Permanent damage was dealt, strikes piled on, and the game climaxed in a final showdown leaving two hunters dead, one support running for his life and a Parnell heroically finishing the monster with only a sliver of health remaining. Possibly my most memorable game so far

We were all cheering in the lobby, complimenting the monster for giving such a challenge and so on.

I think the total lack of a real char window and social features kinda spoils the mood for post game congratulations and talk.


i miss what people say ALL the time.


I never had any problems with Caira speed boost(Well okay, I mostly play Goliath). Use charge and/or Charge to help you get away.


i think kraken needs a walking speed buff. surely he should be fastest because he’s a quadruped? also he should have fastest walk speed because he has least movement ability. (also loudest)


I think some of those players are probably entitled. They play as the hunter and want the monster to act in a very specific way as if it’s your job to entertain them rather than play to win which involves sneaking, stalking, etc


Perhaps, I don’t know. I love it when a Hunter team is constantly poking me in the back. Makes for intense games. :smile:

I guess if escape is a problem with kraken, movement speed perk might be the thing to go with.


nah, the traversal one would be better for kraken. that was actually macman’s suggestion for anti-caira (other than bursting)

since wildlife perks dont stack it gives more benefit to get the animal speed perk and always have traversal

also if they’re poking you and not catching you your traversal recharges faster


Then TRS should give the hunters some way to actually hunt. Currently the hunting tactics are all counter by simply sneaking. With the possible exception of Maggie.

IMO the real problem with Evolve is how big the skill expediency difference is between monsters and hunters. I understand that playing as a monster may be a new experience to players so it’s made to be more friendly and forgiving but there becomes a point after a while where the monster simply has the advantage over the hunters because of how easy the system is set up for them and how difficult it is for hunters.

Just as one example: Why is it that hunters need to use sight and sound to hunt a sneaking monster and constantly look for signs of it, but the monster gets a no cooldown aoe sniff ability that sees the hunters coming from miles away with the click of a button? Not to mention the monster is also being instantly alerted at every tracking mechanic in the game.

I sure wish as a hunter I could get a giant “The monster is nearby!” message in the top left of my screen, because thats what monsters get. It’s almost not worth using the tracking mechanics because the monster will know he is being tracked and simply run as fast as it can across the map. It would be nice if the monster had to use some sort of sound queue or visual to know if they’re being tracked but no, you just get a giant “Hit with tracking dart!” message.

It just seems to me that the monster gets every status, effect, benefit, and mechanic handed to them without any sort of skill involved. In the hunting phase at least, combat is different.


Oh yeah, I forgot all about the traversal perk. O_o