Oh Hank, how I loathe thee


So I’ve been playing a bit now (level 10) and I have some thought that all lead to Hank.

Thusfar in my experience, a decent support with the super-long-range-beam-of-invincibility-monster-F-U, tends to win the game for every mode involving the hunters having to kill the monster, or Hunters have to defend an objective. Monster cannot kill a downed hunter with hank around, period. Which makes Rescue, Hunt, Defend all very one-sided. That and Defend hunters get multiple lives making the 5th day (evacuation mode) all but impossible for monsters without a big handicap.

I find it doesn’t matter how far monsters launch Val away from the group. Hank can bubble her for waaay to far away. And battery life is way to good,e especially with the +25% perk.

Hank can immortalize all players, and if he’s talented player who only uses it as attacks would hit, he make the hunters/rescuees literally immortal.

If the batteries were a good chunk smaller, Hunters would be an even match for a decent monster. But as it stands, without a handicap, the monster has a big challenge winning. I speak mostly from Goliath.

As it stands, monster can only win in “Hunt” if he gets to rank 2 fast. if he hit’s 3, he loses 'cause Defending an objective is a joke for hunters.

Rescue is very hard for monster to win. I generally can only win a rescue if I won the previous match.

Nest is the only mode a monster can consistantly win at. Funny how the defending objectives team has an edge. and most all modes in the hunter’s court.

Day 5 Defend is largely impossible with a good hank. and even if you kill him, he magically appears again. Defend the monster can actually get a kill early. but as hunters respawn, the monster lost Health int he process, so nothing accomplished. Focusing an objective is suicide, and there’s not enough wildlife for alpha to keep armor up.

All in all I’m surprised at how well balanced Evolve is for an asymmetrical game. but hanks shield gun has a bit too much range and too much battery to make the fair. assuming all players are equally very good. A good hank counters a good monster. and if the monster prioritizes hank, a good Val counters that. and Mr. monster can’t counter Val and Hank at the same time. Make it short range, then the support gun is fair with it’s battery. if it’s supposed to be such long range, it needs a smaller battery. It’s uberness is only exaggerated by the energy perk.

So while I can’t say he OP, as if hank is alone he dies, noone runs around alone. if talented hunters stick together, the monster can’t beat them.


Unless of course the hunter that’s downed is Hank. Which, in my experience as a pretty regular Hank player, is often the case. A good Val can’t outheal a good monster, but yeah the monster is possibly going to have to sacrifice some armor (and possibly health) to get that down on Hank. (Caira on the other hand I think has that potential; I’d rather have her or Laz any day.)

That said, I haven’t played any mode but Hunt thus far. The day 5 defend does sound potentially problematic.


One big thing- Hank’s Shielding doesn’t make a Hunter invincible, it just makes them tougher. I don’t know by how much- I think it essentially doubles their health pool. So they still go down, it just takes a while. Then the shield is recharging…


Hank is indeed the best character in the game - imo - but as pointed out above you need to down him first, I feel your targeting choices as a monster are poor for you to arrive at the conclusion that hank is to much - fact is you allow him to use his shield.

Line of site is also huge aspect to limit, zoning players behind objects is important as a monster.



I was Hanking last night and a Kraken player was using mines and vortex to keep batting our trapper around a big rock pillar; I was able to shield sporadically for a second or two at a time, but eventually he was powered down and Kraken got out of the dome.
(Of course, we had a Laz, so we came back with no strikes and caught him for the win, but details details.)


Hank is my main character, (for now) and I will admit that my shielding does a lot for the team. I don’t usually do that much laser cutter damage though, as I spend most my team keeping the rest of the team immune and let them do all the damage.

The biggest mistake I see monsters make is going straight for the assault, mostly because they are doing the most damage. Take out the Hank (if there is one) and Medic first. Then go after the assault and see how strong he is then.

And as someone above said about line of sight, very true. Get them behind something and they won’t be able to be shielded, or knock them back and hit them over there. The range is only so far.