Oh boy, I just played Elder Kraken and have big news!


So I entered a game just about to begin and managed to end up with Elder Kraken. I play Kraken as my main, so I cant wait to enlighten other Kraken players about how he plays. He plays…terribly. Now many reading this may be thinking “that guy just doesn’t know how to play him, hes just being salty it’s not the same as normal Kraken.” To an extent you would be correct; having played so many games with normal Kraken, my play style is fairly airborne, since this is the way the Kraken was designed. To really put damage on the Hunters, you have to depend on fairly static attacks, which if not used properly, give the four person squad very little to worry about. The lightening strike is static rather than moving, so you have to get it right first time. Secondly, the missile banshee mines really don’t seem as effective as the originals. As for the other two attacks, I’m not too sure if they have changed or not; either I’m a horrendous aim (quite possible), or the attacks seem very lackluster. The worst part as I’m sure you’re all aware is the lack of snowball lightening in between attacks. You have just one choice - land the Kraken and get Hank’d from the sky or slapped around by Lennox. The airbourne Monster has no real reason to be up in the air anymore! Given I’ve only had a single game, perhaps this post is a little early, but I thought I may as well share some thoughts and get an idea of what the community thinks too.


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