OG Regular


When you think of like the most Regular of Regulars who do you think of?

I think of @Lord_Pharaoh

Just a random thought due to so many new Regulars.

Edit: Person still has to be a regular to qualify :stuck_out_tongue:


@RaymondLukes The first one with a regular badge

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LOL and he’s a dev :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shin, Donut, ToiletWraith…And MaddCow? :o


Lol doesn’t count that he’s a dev and not still a regular :stuck_out_tongue: I think you’re the first one that is still a regular actually now that I check.


Wish i was one of the “true” regulars

goes to sob in corner


MaddCow doesn’t count read the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:


I only kept seeing @Rapterror :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol what does that mean o.o we’re all true Regulars because we’ve all earned it :stuck_out_tongue: who would you classify as true Regulars though out of curiosity o.o


I know but like…MaddCow tho. ;1;


You can check out this page to see who got regular when, just scroll down to the bottom

And I think Raymond is still a regular cause the badge appears when I click on his name, it’s just he has two other titles he prefers to use


You’re dang right. I’m the most OG regular out there.

It’s funny, I actually deleted my first account and then rejoined in April, so @Takran being the generous guy he is gave me back my username and Regular status. I don’t think I can lose Regular now actually since it was granted to me, because I didn’t touch the forums for like a week and a half once and I didn’t lose it.

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Rapterror, you should be disqualified though… multiple account terminations and re-activations… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol I didn’t know that and I’m surprised I haven’t lost mine honestly. I guess it’s because I lurk so much that despite me not saying much I still have it.


Yeah I’ve been a reg for for almost a year . Apparently I was one of the first reg’s .


One. One termination and one reactivation. But lol, yeah, I should be disqualified.

I remember you were like, the first person I told because I asked how exactly you do it. :joy:


You and i are the same
we lurk in the shadows


Darn it!!!.. One day…One day


Lol I’ve read those very well so I know that if I do nothing for 50 days I think I’ll lose it for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


@Shin Even though he’s hiding his title lol.

Or @Magik_boom

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