Offline splitscreen, yay or nay


after waiting for my order of my gam arrived me and my mate were looking forward to a bit of harmless fun offline co-op. it was after I put the game in that I realised that the back of the case said it was only single player offline so there fore me and my friend had to take it in turns to play it with nothing to talk about as who ever wasn’t play went on there phone because there was nothing to do. this got me thinking and is why I decided to start this topic and after finding out that the reason that the devs decided not to put it in was of graphical implications it made me think that there is next to no reason why they didn’t think about implementing it offline as there is no data (information) that has to be transferred to the servers and back only graphics and memory and their is plenty of time for the information to travel around inside of the hardware for it to not lag a noticeable amount so all it would require would be a little love and care for the devs to get it running. and I know it is a lot of ask but i am just tired of getting games and not be able to enjoy them with my mates as games companies are over looking the casual gamer market and assuming were all MLG wannabees who only care about graphics and KD ratios and not people who just want to have something fun to play that can actually be something that’s not call of duty. but I don’t know I just thought its an interesting topic to bring up and was wondering if any one actually feels the pain of having mates round and not being able to have fun on a game with them in the same room instead of over a mic on your own.