Offline,Bots, Unlocks, Adaptations and new characters


With the move to F2P I have some questions:

  1. Full Offline (No internet required) mode with bots will still be in the game correct? The open letter’s focus on MP makes it seem like its going away. I’d be really, really, really angry if that was the case.:angry: Only reason I bought Evolve in the first place.

  2. With this reworking will our progression be intact/unaffected?

  3. Will New Characters and/or Adaptations when they launch still be free right away (as they are now) or require something (progression system or keys) to unlock?


I too hope it’s not taken away, it’s how I play Evolve.


I’m not sure about this but I can check tomorrow.

We have a new progression system. Each character has their own levels and progression rewards that you’ll get just by playing. No more “do 10,000 damage with something in ten different games”.

More details will be out about this tomorrow to further clarify things!

As a Founder you’ll get all adaptations for the characters you own as they’re released.


OMG. Here to say this is the only way I play, too. 400 hours in solo and like a 28 hours in MP. Please don’t take my solo away.


Really? Why? I mean, 400 in solo?? Are you one of those sailors in a submarine that plays in offline mode? I think you should write to Phill Spencer and thank him for reversing policies on the online connectivity! LOL


Why not? Just why not? Why do you question his choice of what he does to get our fun from the game? Which is also mine, and it’s what thread is about.

Sorry, this is not the place to take that stance, the forums give you a lot of places to question others. It’s easy to understand what this thread is about. Please respect it.


You’ll still have access to legacy Evolve and offline play. :slight_smile:


Also, I was able to use offline solo works on the Stage 2 build. There is a capped amount of daily EXP though if you stay offline.


I like the fact that the bots don’t talk back and tell me how to do my job because “THEY would have done it differently” instead of focusing on their own jobs. If I wanted that, I’d move back in with my mother.


Okay, where did solo go? How do I pick solo?


Start the game, choose Play/Custom/Play Solo.


Okay, thanks. Don’t like how it’s slightly hidden though. Also, after clicking play and before custom, it does a search for servers. So if your servers are hit by a nuke, and I’m still alive, I’ll won’t be able to play solo? Please say it ain’t so!


Training Mode I think is offline. Same functionality as Play-Custom->Solo


I guess what @LordWayne said. But “my” way, you make sure you have latest micro-patches always installed, but I’m not even sure if there are going to be any micro-patches… huh… Anyhow, enjoy your game :slight_smile: