Officially paid off evolve


About a month ago I pre ordered evolve, and the season pass. Now it’s paid in full. (Both) now the hours seem to get longer as I have to wait until AFTER work on Tuesday to pick up the copy, and then about an hour to three hours later for the disk to download to my Xb1. :frowning: why must time be SO linear?


I can’t understand you :slight_smile:
You bought everything and payed it also.
You mean the Store will bring it to you after tuesday?


Because humans created time to help compartmentalize and organize order of actions/events.


and to also keep us in suspence


@MaddCow & @DaPyro how do you guys quote like that


Like this?


@MacMan could you give Xb1 users a preload, for ps4 users as well if need be… Please


@WiBaKi yes


Highlight the text you wish to quote with click and drag, then an option above pops that says ‘quote reply’.


Just highlight the text in that post, and click the quote reply button.


That my friend is top secrets learned from Dalai Lama himself.We spend 3 years with eating only rice in the top of mountains with bears and wolfs.One must become 1 with his inner self in order to accomplish that


I bet you’re fun at parties :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay i’m kidding just mouse over the text you want to quote and highlight it.Once you do that a message will appear QUOTE reply.That’s it


Actually I am the fun one :slight_smile: I just like to act… deep online. Mostly because I think what I’m going to say instead of just blurting it out :smiley:


You’re a funny guy


Disconnect your console from the Internet before you install. Sometimes the machine gets confused with installing the game and the day one patch. Once the disc is installed, then reconnect and get the day one patch. Much faster.


Btw do you know if us Steam Users got the preload ready with the patch?Or we will download it after the game goes live?


@MaddCow, @WiBaKi, @DaPyro (I use a smart phone) @WidowMakerSCOUT, thank you. Never tried that before. Sounds legit.


Not that smart tho eh?hahaHAHA…?
Ok i’m out


The trick isn’t HAVING a smart phone, it’s being smartER than your smart phone. Lol

Edit: @WiBaKi