OfficialEvolveCommunity Thread Page


Hello Everyone! We are the OfficialEvolveCommunity and we have made this thread so that anyone who has questions for us, wants to know when we go live, or just wants to find people to play with us has a thread to do so on. We welcome all Evolve players and wish you a happy hunt!


Will we ever see the golden Behemoth skin? :slight_smile: would love a rolling chunk of gold :smiley:


Sorry to say this but we do not have the information from TurtleRock to say anything. We are a community formed group and as such only know what the community knows


Ah sorry, was just the first question that came too me,


I hate to be THAT guy, but don’t you think your name is a little misleading?


Misleading? how, it´s just a name.(I guess that reply wasn´t me?)


Well it’s OfficialEvolveCommunity not anything else. We think of it as being the unified community to Evolve bringing players together to learn and have fun


Are you one of those hive minds?



Well, saying “official” is rather misleading. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pleased to see this, but I don’t think you should be calling yourselves official. :smile:

Now, what exactly do you do? :stuck_out_tongue:


So you guys know what the community (us) knows? O.o
So it’s for people who aren’t part of the community, to get information? At least people will know some things now. ^.-

Better keep an eye on the Dev tracker then.


We try and coordinate community practice nights as well as help players find groups to play with. And we wish to take in all of what the community says and help relay it to TurtleRock for them to hear all in one place


Sorry for the we. This is an account made up of many people hence the we. It can be different people talking on a given day


Interesting, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this.


Hey everyone OfficialEvolveCommunity is about to go live so make sure to hit the link and drop a follow to support the channel


Hey everyone OfficialEvolveCommunity just went live come check it out if you get the chance.


Well since this is for and by the community. It looks like kraken has to destroy power relays for the voodoo skin


Thank you so much for that information


OfficialEvolveCommunity has gone live and we are shout casting be sure to drop in and say hi and drop a follow


The officialevolvecommunity channel is going to go live soon so be sure to drop in and say hi


hello everyone

you guys are doing such good work for this game community keep on going and i hope this can grow even bigger