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A dual campaign of the monsters destroying the planets and hunters trying to protect colonists and evacuate. Missions like sneaking around various traps to infiltrate a compound, protecting a convoy from a monster, and a final mission with all the hunters against a full pack of monsters. Plus tutorial missions like Goliath's for other characters.

Give me a day or two, I'm making this a thread.


Who needs threads about the new medic or support or challenges when you have these: AWESOMESAUCE Bestiaries! :smiley: (No sarcasm intended. This is awesome!)

Blitzleopards are sort of scavengers as well, I think. One time, my team and I waited at a Relay in Aviary. We killed the elite Tyrant and multiple mammoth birds. Well a Blitzleopard came up to us. Assault killed it, I resurrected it (don't ask why), and it turned around and ate the Tyrant. It, all by itself, at a freshly dead, fully intact, elite Tyrant. Suffice to say we didn't kill it. :,D

(oh, and a slightly typo)


Dude those other animals that aren't in game look amazing!! I wish they were implemented into the game


There, fixed that for you. Other than that, this is awesome!


Fixed the Strider entry for you.


They were cut for various reasons. The Cryosaur couldn't fit without making large open areas, the magma wyrm had issues with clipping, the Glacial Serpent didn't fit with the less attic environment, etc. You can find all the reasons and some videos on the Development of Evolve thread.


Yeah, that reaver was out for blood, it was a one hit KO. I was almost scared to kill it after it happened.


I don't blame you, he would've shrekt ya m8


Speaking of wildlife, would a monster or cryosaur, glacial serpent, or leviathan win?


The Leviathan would have an advantage over everything but Kraken since the monster would have to come into deep water to fight, neutralizing most abilities. Behemoth would sink and drown long before the fight. Goliath would be nearly helpless since fire is useless in water and it has no ground to brace against or throw. Wraith may get some hits in, but it's small size makes it easy to grab and drag down. Kraken might win, depending on how much energy of its attacks dissipates into the water. Gorgon is too small to effectively fight, since webs and acid would wash away, the spider trap would sink, and it would drown trying to use mimic.

It would be about even against the cryosaur in melee, with the scale tipped a bit based on stage. The monster would win based on abilities, with Wraith having the most trouble due to a lack of effective ranged attacks.

The Glacial Serpent would be tricky. It breaches the ice layer to attack and is immobile when sticking up, but can retract and redeploy quickly. It's size means it could grab a monster, but might not be able to drag it down. The more it breaches the ice, the less solid ground there is for the monster. The monster would win by exploiting its vulnerable immobile state, unless the serpent managed to get their head in its jaws.


I want all of them to come back. Don't care about clipping or any of that stuff. Give me that Snow Titan.


Someone make some concept art of this... I want to see a still of a S3 goliath with a rock in its hands and a glacial serpent ready to strike said goliath.


Very very nice! Well done! Not too much else I could think of to add until I can get back to the game in a day or so.


Leviathans are in game. Just not alive.

Also, you should mention that Canyon Eels are only a map effect for when the monster wins during Evac on The Dam. Same goes for Phantoms, which only spawn when the monster wins on Aviary during Evac.


What do we know about monsters though? Can they actually drown? What is their average lifespan?(Without pesky hunter) Can they survive extremely cold or hot weather? Could monsters fight underwater? Can they live completely underwater? Is there any living thing they can't solo?

So many questions...

Boss fights against those three would be an amazing feature.


Seams like most of them where desined for magma-and ice-maps. Personally I like Forest Springers the most. Maybe implement them as a Daisy-adaption?


We know they need to breathe, since you can hear it when you stay still and you can see them breathing. How long they can hold their breath is unknown, but being terrestrial based creatures it would decrease as they tried to move or fight underwater.
Their lifespan is unknown, though I have the personal belief that if they live long enough they will grow from stage one to stage three without evolving. For fighting underwater, most abilities we've seen would be inefficient.
Rock Throw would be impaired due to the resistance of water.
Charge and Leap Smash wouldn't work will lessened gravity and more resistance.
Fire Breath is useless.
Lightning Strike, Aftershock, and possibly Vortex would quickly dissipate in water.
The invisibility of Decoy would be nullified by water displacement.
Rock Wall is useless when everything can move freely in 3 dimensions rather then 2, as would Fissure.
Lava Bomb would cool quickly, making it essentially a primitive organic cannon ball. Less useful, but still OK.
Acid Spit and Web Snare would dissipate in water, though the webs may last a bit longer if they stick.
Spider Trap would either drown or be useless as everything swam above it.
Mimic would only work if Gorgon could hold its breath as it used it.
Banshee Mines, Abduction, Supernova, Warp Blast, and Tongue Grab would be the most useful if the monster could survive underwater.
And since we know the Destroyer of the Ajax and The Host are out there, there could easily be an aquatic monster. personally, I think Wraith would be the best adapted to fight in water. Its typical floating movement and aerial capabilities with Warp show it's used to fighting in 3 dimensions, and 3 of its abilities still work with minimal interference in water. Also it would look really cool to see one slithering through the water like some sea serpent.
Monsters can survive all kinds of stuff, they probably are already capable of surviving in extreme temperatures or could adapt to it.
And no, no there isn't.

There were artic and lava maps early in development. The artic ones were dropped because it felt weird for hunters to wear the same clothing in blizzards as in deserts, some they replaced them with less extreme ice maps. The lava maps were removed because they couldn't find a way to put lava in and not have it work as a one hit KO, so they replaced it with acid.


Still, I would be cool with that. Be fun to fight near the lava or force the Monster into it for massive damage.


Mammoth birds should be titled "assholes".


Nah, that title belongs to the Reavers.