*Official Tier 4: DISCUSSION, Abilities, Strategy, Story, VoiceOver, Pics, etc. *UPDATED 3/31 8:00pm (EST)*


#Important info about the new Hunters available 3/31/15

#1 Torvald the New Assault: [quote=“MacMan, post:780, topic:47123”]
Torvald’s Details
All Assaults have a heavy damage dealer that is limited in some way and then a weaker but more reliable damage dealer.

Torvald’s heavy damage dealer is his mortars. They have a minimum range (do not work at his feet) and they can hit overhead obstacles. His shotgun fires an eight round burst with one trigger pull. It has less spread than Parnells so it’s better at range but does less damage. He can make up for it a bit when used in conjunction with the shrapnel grenades and resulting +50% damage weak spots. It’s fun to combo your own stuff.

#2 Slim the New Medic: [quote=“MacMan, post:716, topic:47123”]
Primary Weapon
It’s like a shotgun. Each pellet that hits the target returns a specified amount of cooldown time on Slim’s heal burst. If you’re too far away, you can’t land enough pellets to heal your teammates effectively. Gotta get in close. That’s where your Spore Cloud Grenades come in. Addition by @ReleaseDaKraken (Grenades mask the team from being “Sensed” by the monster and removes red footprints left by cloaked hunters.)

#3 Crow the New Trapper: [quote=“MacMan, post:906, topic:47123”]
Crow’s personal batray
Gobi reveals creatures within a radius of him as he flies through the map. Gobi flies in a straight line so you need to look for long sight lines through the map. The outlines only last two seconds as Gobi passes by. As Crow, you constantly send Gobi flying. It is a very active character.

Crow also has a Stasis Gun that win fired normally slows the monster down (like Val’s Tranq Gun) but when charged up brings the monster to a crawl (like abe’s stasis grenade)

#4 Sunny the New Support:

Sunny Also has a beam that doubles the jetpack speed of any targeted hunter. (Ex: Beam Hyde to Kraken with double speed so he can use FlameThrower or dodge Lightning Strike)

Counter Ideas?

(PS: In case you missed the announcement: http://evolvegame.com/news/introducing-evolves-next-four-hunters )


Lol this is funny


lol. them “pro” monsters tho.


Don’t hate, appreciate! MLG Pro Baby!


The only difference is that these hunters are DESIGNED to be OP, where else something like Cabot or Caira was not.


Trapper bat- batray = confirmed batman


Literally all we got was a summary of what they can do, and I think it sounds great


As someone who love playing the monster I’m not scared at all. People forget these things have cooldowns, and the mortar won’t be as strong as the new supports main gun. Quite being a crybaby.


Yes, Torvald will be creating multiple 2.0x Weak spots with his grenade, this is confirmed and it will not be balanced at all. And the barrage will have no cool down and instantly kill a monster.

Slim will have no cool down on healing burst and it will heal everyone to full and remove strikes, it will also deal 50% of a Tier 3 Monsters health and bypass armor.

I could go on how apparently everything is unbalanced. And as we know these are facts i know. And how i obtained such information is from a friends friend who play tested the new classes five years ago.

Or we could actually have some faith in the developers that they will attempt to balance them on launch and if not they will probably patch them later.


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Look, each class, should have its 1 purpose, when you give each class, every other classes abilities: You have negated the idea of classes entirely.


Thats sort of what the class abilities are for right? The trapper has the dome, no other class can heal, etc.

I get what you’re saying though. Lets at least wait until the characters are out before we make any predictions.


Yeah they certainly seem to be much more all purpose than the base hunters. Looks like the people crying pay to win at release might have been right after all.


I like to think that the characters just have different twists to them.

The trapper is still the only one with dome and can reliably hunt the monster, the medic is still the only one that can heal, the support is the only one that can shield an ally and go invisible, and the assault is still the only one with a personal shield and the most dps.

The other abilities just have good synergy with one another and make the game more interesting while still retaining the core function of each class imo


god i hope so! 60 bucks are not for nothing! j/k


In case this isn’t satire, I disagree.

Classes overlap some naturally - Supports have always been strong seconds in dishing out damage - but I do think some overlap should be avoided.

For example, I still think anything controlling the Monster’s movement should be kept with the Trapper - I’d take it from Val and give her some survival tool.

Thinking of it like Magic the Gathering some color pies overlap, just as class roles can, but there are limits.

Time will tell on the fragmentation grenades, but I wonder if Torvald will be somewhat lacking in the close up damage output that defines Assaults, relying more on mortar shots and his teammates using weak points with a long gap between uptimes.

Slim seems like he will generally need to get a bit closer to his allies to periodically heal them, and the spore cloud sounds fairly useless if it literally only stops smell.

Unsure on Crow, but it seems as if there is a significant gap between his slow, time will tell how it compares to a Stasis. Certainly no class overlap there, though. I’m really sketchy on damage through armor though, mostly because it doesn’t feel like a team player thing.

Sunny is just solidly a Support with her kit - she may be the only one to truly contest Hank in combat scenarios. I love Bucket and used to play Cabot, but between the unreliability of turrets and Cabot’s nerfs they can’t compete with shields. The launcher does more per hit than anything - I’m guessing it has a long reload that encourages swapping to jetpack beam.


Of course such thread will spread from now on until release, its funny to see people already cry before its already ingame just on guesses how it “could” be, not knowing any real numbers.

Just wait and see, i guess it will fit in - everything can be balanced and will be, its not so that currently arent overpowered abilities in the game, thus will also be fixed(even if it takes currently to long to balance it out, need quicker rebalance patches as they promised to do so after the next patch).


I doubt there will be major imbalances kept on purpose. Torvalds shotgun will probably be slightly under toned without the weak spots compared with other assaults. And slightly above them with his weak spots.

I am not saying that everything will be balanced at the very beginning. But TRS will probably perform there best to balance the new hunters at release or patch small inconsistencies later.

The biggest imbalance will more likely come from player experience being bad at the new classes and therefore easily calling scapegoat.



Well, I take this thread seriously and put it this way:

I hope descriptions in the announcement are “buffed” a bit to underline strengths of each new character.
So, for more serious discussion whether they are OP or not we can wait once they are released and played. BUT…

Reading about these new hunters I had one worrying impression: they are designed in similar multi-purpose way like … guess who? … naturally: the most hated (by monsters) hunter role ==> Cabot !

If these impressions are right, then well… we can have A LOT of hot OP discussions then… anyway… let’s wait and see