Official Regular Guidelines


These guidelines have been a collaborative effort between the Moderator and Leader team, if you have any questions about them then please use this topic to ask anything. We wanted to create these guidelines in order to make the Regular role on the Forum more clear, there is nothing to really say what is expected of you as a Regular so hopefully these will help.

It’s worth noting before you read these, these are guidelines only. Being a regular does not mean you need to follow any of the responsibilities listed. You don’t have to do any editing, you do not need to be a popular figure in the community, and you do not need to feel like the Regular role is a burden rather than a privilege. These guildelines are just for those who want to have a more active role on the Forum and in the Evolve community. However, this does not mean you can avoid the consequences of abusing your Regular title, and we therefore retain the right to remove your status as a regular should you abuse it.

Regular Guidelines

Regular Responsibilities

  • Encourage users to keep their posts clean.
  • Re-categorise topics where necessary.
  • Re-name topics where necessary. Asking the topic creator if the changes are okay is recommended.
  • Advise unruly members of the consequences of disruptive behavior.
  • Flag posts that are inappropriate/offensive/obscene/off-topic and you believe need Moderator attention.

Regular Tips

  • Use your regular powers responsibly. Actions like renaming topics for comedic value is an example of misuse of your powers and will not be accepted.
  • Wear your title with pride, your regular status identifies you as an active member of the Evolve community. Represent the Forum as professionally as you can.
  • By following these guidelines you have the potential to be invited to join the Leader team. Regulars who stand out from the rest and show they have the potential to take on a leadership role are highly likely to be approached for a Leader position.
  • Please do not try to use your regular title to raise yourself above any other user. We’re all equals in this community, and do not wish for titles to be cause for a perceived divide, intentional or otherwise. Flaunting your title and acting as though it gives you authority over another will not be tolerated.

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TheCoyote, reportin’ for duty ^^


So thats why I lost reg (._.")


I’m not sure what happened with your status as a regular, I’ll discuss and see what I can do.


You got it, coach.



If only flamethrower worked through computer screens. sigh


I have a sinking suspicion its flag related >.>
But hey, it’d be nice to know for sure


It is, I’ll PM you and we can talk about it there rather than here.


How does one become Leader I wonder… it is my goal.

P.S this will haunt you in your darkest nightmares.


Thanks for posting this. It’s nice to have something to look back to just to make sure I’m doing my job as a regular. :smile:


I gotcha Plaff :smile: thanks for the rundown on the various guidelines


I lost my regular title. I don’t know exactly why, but I think it’s because I speak my mind a little too often haha


@Donut has joined the Regulars once again, congrats :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think I am quite active on the forums but have never had the regular title. I wonder what I am missing.

Edit: It might be flags from early on or just general lurking and not enough action.


Hello @Donut, welcome to the forums!! :smile:


I just checked, it’s a mixture of not reading enough topics, not reading enough posts and receiving too many flagged posts. My guess is that the requirements were stealthily increased by Discourse in a past update.


It’s all good! Like I said I speak my mind too much and people get offended. Oh well. I don’t need a title to show my appreciation of the game :heart:


Nope. You’ve got a freakin badass video for that :heart_eyes: