Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I never requested it. Thought it was aids when I played in Article 5. In fact, Article 5 as a whole is ass, but at least with that I only needed to play once. Would be fine if match making prefs worked, but that’s another thing that doesn’t work.


Never said you did. (Every time I don’t clarify more to people they always assume I’m talking directly towards them, ugh).


Never said you said I did.


2v1 on plane, rook is roaming, going to assist teammate who is gonna plant on cargo w/ 10 secs left

he walk into kapkan trap

defuser drop down 2k meters below the fucking map

g fucking g ubisoft


The Defuser bug I encountered is where we just lost the round to a broken Defuser. Then it showed the cam of the objective room and no one was even near the Defuser only defender even in the same room was Pulse, but he was engaged in a gun fight.


Hey guys, wanted to post this here before I go to a bigger place.

Thoughts on the artwork, names, gadgets, etc.?
Also I need help coming up with a name, the operators are from Israel.


Sparks gadget does seem too similar to Hibana, just it has a little more freedom and can’t be countered.

Not to mention they have same name albeit in different languages.

And do Widows nets stop Nitro cells?

Like the idea of Widows gadget as long as the answer to my previous question is “no”. And the art for Widow is cool. Name works although I would have expected more “bite” from an Operator called Widow.


With Spark I was going for something along the lines of he is the Buck of the anti-reinforcement game, if Hibana was Ash and Thermite was Sledge, made to create sight lines into rooms and hallways very quickly but with the benefit of being able to do it on reinforcements. (That’s also why I made him 3 armor and gave him weapons that would be more effective in holding down sight lines).
I did not know about the name coincidence, I will change the name. I am open to suggestions.
To me it shouldn’t block any defender gadgets (nitro cells, impact grenades, doc shot, allied fire, etc.), only blocking enemy gadgets.Though I am not too sure on how that would size up on balance.
For the sake of simplicity, the net only block enemy gadgets.


Balance wise, this would be problematic. Tl;Dr at bttom

All 5 breaching Ops you’ve mentioned have major draw backs.

Ash: Gets long range, instant breach rounds. However, she only gets two and can’t be used on Reinforced walls.

Sledge: Gets a huge number of uses (25) and it instantly makes a hole in allow access into a room. However, it can’t be used on the ceiling above and if there’s an enemy immediately on the other side your likely going to die due to the animation of putting the hammer away. Also can’t break reinforcements.

Buck: Limited Ammo and doesn’t make holes as effectively as the others mentioned so far, however it has the most liberty with the size and shape of holes made and can be used on ceiling above. The animation from Skeleton key to Rifle is also negligible so it’s safer for close range.

Hibana: Long range breaching pellets. Can blow open reinforcements. However, they are effected by Jammers and Batteries. The long time to blow and the visual effect on the other side makes them ineffective for soft walls. Also make the smallest holes of all the breaching gadgets.

Thermite: Can blow open huge holes in reinforced walls. However, effected by Jammers and Batteries, can’t be done at range and as well as the long detonation time, there is a long plant animation making Thermite vulnerable to the Bandit trick. And he only gets two charges.

Spark: Has (almost) Bucks liberty of shape and size, goes throw reinforcements and cannot be countered by any gadget currently in the game?

Tl;Dr Seems a little OP. The main trade off for Buck having this freedom is the fact that he can’t open reinforced walls.

As for the name, I’m really not sure what name would work for him.

I don’t think Widow’s net not effecting friendly projectiles would be an issue balance wise, just in terms of realism. But, then again, the Defenders do pull entire wall reinforcements out of their ass. So that’s not an issue for me. I think enemy gadgets only is definitely the way to go.


Spark also has these flaws though? He has to keep his gadget out to make the holes so if there is an enemy then they will have plenty of time to fire upon Spark while he grabs his weapon. Also he can’t touch ceilings.
Also since he has to stay in 1 spot the longest out of any of them to do his job (Thermite is a close second with his deploy time, but he can also move away) he can be countered quite easily by a roaming Pulse, a Smoke that can get his canisters to you, or a Bandit doing the Bandit Trick since the battery can damage Spark (they don’t cancel the ability, but they can damage him).
Ash, gets through barricades quickly or safely from range, Sledge makes large holes for his team usually on trapdoors and walls away from obj, Buck makes new sight lines and passageways quickly but usually for himself, Hibana opens up passageways to the obj and sight lines, and Thermite opens up new passageways to the obj.
Spark is like a combination of Thermite, Buck, and Sledge with how he has to take a bit more time to do his job (thermtie vs Hibana) but he has a large amount of freedom in what he makes (Buck) but suffers from not being able to do anything to ceilings and has to have teammates back him up when opening up to the obj due to the switch time.
tl;dr, suffers from similar problems as Sledge and Thermite (switch time and time it takes to make holes) but has the flexibility of Buck.

What about the name Grinder? Make him gay for even more innuendos. :wink:


Sledge only faces that issue due to roamers. Most of the time the wall being Thermited is key to the attack so it’s well protected by attackers whilst being opened. That’s on the few occasions when the wall doesn’t lead outside or the very edge of the map. Sure, he’s vulnerable, but it unlikely that a defender will be in a position to capitalise.

The Bandit damaging him is fair enough, except couldn’t he just start by taking the damage for a few seconds to make a small hole at the bottom to destroy the batteries and counter the Bandit trick? Considering that he’s 3 armour the small amount of damage he took wouldn’t be as detrimental to his survivability.

That’d make for some good giggles.

Fine, but you better make him sexy as hell.


He could, that is a definite strategy. But that is time taken away from opening up the hole to take care of the battery.
Also don’t you mean fabulous?
Also I just remembered Echo, he’s a pretty strong counter to both Thermite and this character since they have to spend a while to do their job, which is then cancelled.
Alright I’m going to keep thinking on how to expand the ability, tell me if you come up with anything to improve it to be balanced.


No, since this word usually evokes images of someone who is flamboyant and flaunts femininity. Just a guy who exerts average masculinity (not over doing with muscles the size of Popeye’s) with dark hair and eyes, but with gentle and inviting features. Please and thank you. :slight_smile:


I have a few ideas to make this guy’s gadget more in line with other operator’s gadgets.

  1. Limit the fuel to where it can only make 1 Thermite sized hole, pushing it away from the breaching tool of other operators and making it more of a opportunity tool for defending the obj when inside.
  2. Make it very ineffective at anything but reinforced walls. Trying to do so on wooden walls will be like trying to shoot the trapdoor with a pistol to open it.
  3. Give it an overheat mechanic where it can only be used so much at one time.

Maybe one of these could make it work? I just really like the idea of a 3rd operator that can open up reinforcements since their’s only 2 of them right now when there are 3 operators specialized in it and the 2 reinforcement focused ops can do it as well (hibana and the trapdoors).


Edited some description, the sizes of some of the pictures, and changed the name of the attacker operator.
Thoughts on overall appearance?


It’d be pretty annoying to start using it and then run out of fuel so you only have a straight line, maybe the ability to make the ‘blade’ a few inches thick so you could make lines and then shoot through them



The animation for vaulting through a window while aiming has been tweaked to reflect where the vaulter is aiming. In the past, the aiming animation took a short amount of time to reflect where the vaulter was actually aiming, which sometimes cause some confusion for an enemy watching the vault. This change in 2.2.2 will fix this so that the enemy player will know where the vaulter is aiming.


A lot of things I was eagerly waiting for were delayed until 2.3 :broken_heart: I’m sad.


yeah that sucks but I’m happy I won’t get killed with 0 idea they were looking in my direction.


So burnt out right now. Between lack of new content and this games abysmal hit reg I’m just so sick and tired of it all. In this entire Operation Health Scandal the only change so far the only change that’s made a positive difference was the one-step matchmaking. Haven’t noticed anything else. Except, you know, a moving 3 speed being damn near impossible to headshot.

If these new Ops aren’t great and there aren’t any serious fixes soon, I might be ready to put this game down.