Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Yeah I know I meant they reverted the metal window and added some blocking stuff.


Having a bit of a crisis. I think I’ve reached my cap with playing with my friends. Been stuck in Plat 3 for ages. I like playing with my friends, and I don’t want to reject them, but they’re pretty bad.

I can easily go 10+ kills. But we’ll still lose. I’ll call out every push the enemy makes, and my friends are still taken by surprised. I’ve had to show them how to defend specific spots over 15 times but they still just flounder. They panic and set up reinforcements in a way that just looks pretty and then are surprised and ask “what happened there” when we lose.

I have to drone. No one else drones in the action phase except on to site. In fact, it’s pretty much only me that keeps their drone alive in the prep phase. So, I’m resident droner. But I’m still top Frag in like 80% of the games I play.

They keep doing stupid things, and then get annoyed when I get annoyed that they make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

I used to play Jäger. I fragged so hard as Jäger. Had to swap. I play Echo/Smoke now, because no one else will. They don’t understand the importance of themselves and their gadget. They don’t understand that if they are Smoke, they shouldn’t throw smokes like they are grenades.

Our Bandit main constantly needs reminded of when/what t Bandit trick. He also rarely shocks walls with Mira windows on them.

They still also get greedy and do stupid peeks and die. Despite being told not too.

I don’t want to solo queue because this game is about communication and I won’t get that in solo queue, but with my friends I’m playing with people that aren’t contributing that much. The ideal, would be people I can communicate with that are my skill-level but honestly, that seems like a mere fantasy at the moment.


That’s life playing with friends unless you made them while solo queueing ranked or added people who gave you a hard time in casual.


Yeah, they’re my friends IRL. It’s fine when I explain it to one of them but trying to explain to 3 or more people what they are trying to do in the 45 seconds before they round while sorting my own set up is too much.


I figured that but wasn’t sure coulda been friends from other games. Always hard trying to do anything competitive with friends cause you can’t push them too hard otherwise they might think you’re a dick.


One of them is a good shot. I can drone for him and he can pick up kills. But he’s the Bandit that constantly needs told what to do with his gadget. And sometimes he does stupid run outs and dies. Or sometimes he doesn’t choose Bandit randomly even though we need him and no one else but me and him can Bandit trick, but I need to play Smoke and Echo, because no one else can.

Another listens to my words down to the note, and heeds them, but had trouble landing shots and struggles when I can’t give him guidance.

Another has OK aim, decent sense in knowing what to peek when to push but is really at a miss when it comes to attack and defence. Sometimes tries gimmicks or casual strats like fast dropping the cockpit hatch in Plane when attack Meeting/Exec. In ranked, against Plats, that’s instant death.

I know I’m not exactly perfect. I miss shots too. It’s not like I get 13 kills every game, all headshots. No, of course I miss and choke, and fail and throw rounds. Of course from time to time I do stupid run outs or over look things or forget things. But, mostly I learn. And I try my best to help them improve generally, I know I can be unnecessarily negative if they make a mistake. But ultimately, I know what I’m doing. I have the spots that I know I need to play. I have enough experience to know what to do in almost every event that could occur (that’s not to say I’ll necessarily always come out on top, but I know how much give myself the highest chance of surviving) and each of my spots on each site on each map. Except Yacht because fuck Yacht (and Bartlett, that’s aids too). But that’s the thing. I’m the only one with a spot, or spots. The only person either a role. I’m hard roamer turned hard anchor on Defence and on attack I’m Entry Fragger turned whatever-my-friends-don’t-want-to-doer.

The others do what they want. If they want to roam, they’ll roam. Want to anchor? They’ll anchor. Unless, I say otherwise. You might think it’s great having people that value your opinion so much, but them relying on it is the problem. I can only get so many comprehensible words out per second. If we need a run out at some point, I’ll say at the start of the round, and someone will get in position. Then they’ll miss the opportunity, or run out really common spot and get claymored. They don’t think outside the box.

I know they try their best, and they are good people, and I’m not perfect either, but I’m competitive and my rank means a lot to me and it hurts to see us lose to the same mistakes over and over.

Sorry to burden you with my rant, lol


So much is wrong with this lol…


“Hold shift for fast decent”



Jesus Christ lol


I saw this on Reddit it’s pretty fun to see ^^
Why no one here talk about the alphas packs ? They look pretty good !


Not released yet on my platform


Me too but they are released today for your (and my) platform. PS4 I guess ?


PS4 Indeed. I mean, the Alpha packs will be cool but I’m really starting to feel the pain of Operation Health. Nothing of real significance has been done so far (except one-step matchmaking) and no new content is making me so bored.


I understand you, when there had the OP Health annoncement I slowly stopped playing the game(especially since we were so close of a new season), I played it again at the begining of this month but there were not enough improvments to make this operation a good step to a healthier game.
There is still time left in august but I don’t have so much hope.
What is your opinion about teamkillers ? Do you think we need change on this point ? I would really enjoy stop being killed by my teammates right now. Yesterday on half of the game I made I had been killed this way.


Team killing already has really harsh penalties so, unfortunately it’s just a case of their being a lot of trolls, especially with school holidays.


Eh not much to say imo. I don’t really talk about skins


Operation Health to me is just a way for the devs to catch up on deadlines they can’t make due to limited resources.
Thus the delay of almost any content.


I once Fuzed the wall in bedrooms close to where the Thermite was thru the slit of wood left over from the reinforcements. Capitao was standing on the roof on top of the window left of where that Therm is in the video.

And I killed him. My whole team was confused, looking around to see if I purposefully tked. Capitato looked at the killcam and saw that all the pucks landed inside. The one that killed him just happened to get him thru the damn roof.


I’m so happy we’re getting the lighting fixed. The screenshots they showed look so promising.

I’m also glad they’re standardizing the memory usage of every operator and map… No more 30 fps on Favela. My laptop isn’t the best, but going from 50 fps from one map to mouse lag and 30 fps on the next is annoying.

Just waiting for the server fixes.