Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


But see, that’s the weird thing. Certain games get worse lag at lower pings. For instance:

MWO: I can play at 500 ping and preform well.
Day of infamy: If it nudges over 100 ping at all, everything goes nuts. Same with Overwatch and BF1.

I guess it probly has something to do with the way those certain games handle client-server communication and priorities.

unless their particular hacking type isn’t recognized and blocked by battle eye maybe? idk.


Some games just don’t care and if you have heavy packet loss or a really bad ping will just let you do your thing BLR for example laggy people would teleport over the screen at 300+ ping but it’d be fine on their side they’d get killed around corners but it’d be impossible to snipe them.


I played with a group in MWO and all they saw was a small bit of tearing around my legs(it’s a mech game if you haven’t heard of it)


Just waiting for Ubisoft to go ahead and remove Bartlett U. from Multiplayer. Or at least Ranked. The map is so unbelievably shit and the map is riddled with game breaking bugs. Honestly hate it more than Favelas, Plane and Yacht combined.


What’s sad is this isn’t exclusive to rainbow, every game has horrid teammates and i frickin hate it.



next patch: all operators now given 3 speed and skinny jeans


2 fucking rounds on attack my entire team dies because people keep getting interrogated WHAT THE FUCK. First round fine. Second round don’t go inside or just uninstall.


Kinda sad when a BB who gets the drop on you gets his shield broken. I was at the top of the stairs and only turned after he started shooting me and if it had been anyone else he’d have been dead like 3 times over.


Disappointed. Game still broken af. Headshots register once in a blue moon. It’s a fucking disgrace that after a year hit reg is still fucking abysmal. They really need to be sued for selling this as a complete game. Was never too bothered by matchmaking or the ranked system, but hit reg has been shit from day one and it’s really turning me off playing.


That’s quite the claim. A claim that won’t happen.


Obviously not. Whether or not you have a just case, a juggernaut like Ubisoft wouldn’t let themselves get sued. It’s still an absolute disgrace.


This game…I’ve struggled to join a match all night, this matchmaking…


I take all of 15 seconds to find matches in casual? Might get bumped up to 30 if I choose to stay with people


No, I find a match really quickly, then as soon as the timer goes down from picking my operator, I get disconnected


Weird I almost never get disconnected after I fixed my internet issues and that was mid matches



That’s actually the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen


How did he grow glasses?


They neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to fix the lighting. I was playing pulse on yacht saw someone on my scanner knew they were rappelling by the window into the hostage room by casino. I knew EXACTLY where they were and I STILL couldn’t see bucks face because UBI lighting devs are a bunch of basement dwellers who get to see the sun once a year

fuck this shit

top left if you don’t see it at first glance