Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Just played a 1v1 vs a guy cause everyone else except for us two dc’d lol. Just ended up knife fighting.


why the fuck isn’t this dude kicked yet?


Operation Health.


Why do people whine about having no fixes right away, though?

It’s gonna be a gradual process. They literally haven’t implemented any fixes yet, but they’ve postponed an entire operation just to dedicate themselves exclusively to fix the game. They have three months to do it; if things don’t get better by then, then you can whine.

Sure, they didn’t fix anything in the last patch, but they didn’t mean to, either. Just because Operation Health started it doesn’t mean everything will get fixed right away. They’re testing stuff, they’re overhauling entire systems, they’re gonna improve the servers and tweak the netcode; they’re fixing hitboxes, rewriting X-Kairos’ entire code from scratch, making pretty much everything server-side, etc…

They might be part of Ubisoft, but I really doubt they have such a huge group of developers as everyone believes. Publishers as big as Ubi have different teams working under their name for different projects. We have R6:Siege, For Honor, Watchdogs 2 and the new Ghost Recon. They’re all rather recent games, and not everyone is working on all those games. The Rainbow Six team cares deeply about the game and its future, which I think is why they’re taking an entire season to improve the game’s systems and solidify its structure to make it stand its own ground as a good, profitable and competitive game.

I don’t really care about them cutting one (free) map and delaying the release of two new operators. I’d rather have them fix the big and little things that affect the game’s health so the developers can make a living out of it and provide a good alternative to Counter Strike (which I kinda don’t like because of its simplicity). Now, if they don’t manage to fix the issues, I’d still probably play the shit out of the game, as I’ve never been really picky when it comes to bugs and glitches. I don’t care about playing ranked; I don’t care about win rate, KDA or whatever. It’s a good game that’s only affected by some bugs that some people like to blow out of proportion. At least they’re actively communicating with the community (or reddit, at least) and they’re delivering. If people don’t like the way they’re doing it despite having been asking for fixes for months, well, too bad. At least they’re trying, and not leaving the game to die.

I don’t know whether TRS were involved in the development and post release maintenance of Left 4 dead 2, but that game truly had some game breaking glitches, such as entire rounds ending prematurely, tanks getting stuck or dying instantly, and things that the community demanded to get fixed because, honestly, it was common sense, and the right thing to do, but Valve did nothing to address those issues and now, 8 years after release, Smokers still can’t grab people on the rooftops of No Mercy. Plus, Valve weren’t really talkative back then (or even now), which added insult to injury.

I don’t know… I think it’s the right thing to do. People are never satisfied.


The point is that this patch was meant to fix a lot of it. There will only be one other big patch before next season.

This patch should have been amazing. And if they were going to start now and work over the next 3 months, then why couldn’t they have given us t Ops and then worked on it? Because the devoted time to “Health” instead, but the game is still rough.

Now don’t get me wrong, hit reg is better. Matchmaking is still shit. My friends and I have bee all thrown in to separate games despite queuing together 3 times today.

The game is better, but not by enough to warrant missing out on promised content.


Uh the patch to go into Operation health was only wiping ranks and changing the picture really.


Rumours are that Ubisoft is cutting a lot of funds to some dev teams for different games, that’s why there’s no Polish map and a large delay. I believe the team are trying hard, which will be very difficult with the pressure they’re under


As Tiger said, the patch wasn’t meant to do anything but change the main menu screen, add a few charms/skins and reset the season.

From what I read, there will be two official patches this season (I don’t know if the last patch counted as 2.2.1, though; I’d need confirmation) with one bringing alpha packs and the other bringing One step matchmaking (or something like that). Since I guess none of those have been implemented yet (I haven’t been able to play in a really long time), I suppose we can still expect two more patches before the next season.

They haven’t made any changes whatsoever, so the game is still in the same state as it’s been since before Operation Health started. There’s no point in complaining that they’ve fixed nothing when they haven’t even started to deploy the patches yet. The official patch with fixes will come in one or two more weeks; only then will we be able to pass judgement on anything they do. Additionally, they’ve stated they will use the TTS and the PC to test changes first before deploying them on consoles, because it’s easier to update and rollback if needed (they’ve also stated they’re completely changing the way they structure patches internally to make it easier to pinpoint any issues and introduce as few bugs as possible, while also making it easier to go back to the way things were before patching).

And if that rumour is true, I’m very sorry for the studio. We’re all familiar with how that kind of thing works.




OST is better with the Western red dot sight. And Breaching rounds are better than the flip sight anyway


I know it’s just kinda funny and weird. Also she still had her rifle just the guys name is PeekedGlaz and his Ash for some reason has Glaz stuff on the loadout


the fuck


You beat the internet




that shitty kanal fix =/


Literally crying with happiness


Just got accused of cheating on PS4. We 4-1d them and I got 12 kills and apparently that makes me a cheater.

He sent me a message just saying “Mbot bitch” I assume he’s accusing me of aimbot.

But yeah, I’m a cheater. I hacked all the way up to Gold 1.


They really need to fix casual, getting placed with plats is just annoying


Ugh I hate it when I die and give good call outs and they just ignore the call outs. Hey doc fuze is fuzing that window right behind you. doc looks at window then looks away 5 seconds later doc dies to cluster charge


False: If this was true both Doc and a random Enemy team member (Possibly Fuze) would have been killed as well through the tiny hole in the window. :stuck_out_tongue: