Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I always have 300 ping in every match of any game…


banhammers glad


This is genius


Creates 10 alt-accounts


Laughs at your hundred dollars of ban evasion attempt cause we hardware banned you




Apparently you can get it so that the battery is inside the reinforcement


Damn that music is loud


just a titch


Anyone know wtf is going on in this?
my account name wasn’t shown on the board and then it started getting all fucky




My audio is getting severely fucked recently, it’ll switch between really loud and quiet randomly. It seems to only happen in game, as it does not affect Discord, and even comes up on recordings.
Have any ideas?


Not a clue sorry


Ah no worries, but damn, it really gets to me, I’m gonna spend all night fixing lol


Time for the drones to strike back! No longer will they be defenseless!





Glitches, I see nvm…:joy:


Yeah for some reason the drone was stuck to my hand I did some reloads and I could see it and I could barely see it in the corner when I was running around with my rifle. But yeah it was most obvious when I pulled out the grenade.


I think we need another drone op tho. Something that distracts or attacks enemies…


RCXD inbound


someone got a 3-kill streak.