Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread




I propose a change for Glaz’s icon.


For such a popular game I’m having more trouble finding matches than I am with evolve…

Took like 10-15 minutes with leaving empty lobbies after a couple minutes and it drops me in an in progress game.

also if the UMP had an ACOG it would be my favourite gun


That thing has no recoil :open_mouth:
That’d be so OP


I know lol but a man can dream.


I got a Fuze ace last night and my god did I feel dirty playing him. Got like 10 kills will the clusters and for match point it was 1v1, knew the Echo was in the other room from me and fuzed it. Don’t ask how I got him…the entire team hated me


If you get an ace with Fuze it’s because the other team sucked (unless you do it the legal way. You know… actually shooting people)… but man, it’s all about situational awareness… You learn to keep count of the number of cluster charges he has already used and plan accordingly… He encourages you to keep moving and change positions often…

Sure, his gadget is a cheap way of getting kills, but if you managed to survive until a 1vs1 with the loud, slow guy I’d think you deserve the win, no matter how cheap it was to fuze that room.


Makes me feel better… But yeah, I fuzed one room, got 3, fuzed another, got 1 and went back to the first room, fuzed again and got the last guy. But yeah, situational awareness is so important against fuze


And also, with Fuze getting picked pretty much every round, it’d be stupid not to pick someone that counters him to some degree. Mute the windows, ADS the walls, spawn peek him, whatever, just get rid of the guy… Or just hide behind a tipped over shelf and hope the pucks don’t bounce your way.


I fucking hate the hit registry in this game. Headshot a recruit who is slowly walking forward and he fucking survives it WHAT THE FUCK. I don’t have a high ping he wasn’t moving side to side and I had an acog for a distance of like 3 meters.


Did he have a high ping?


Nope it was all extremely normal except for him tanking 2 bullets to the dome


If I am holding an angle where an enemy is DON’T RUN IN FRONT OF ME and get me fucking killed… I pinged a spot where a Jackal dropped down I called it out and then held an angle and smoke and Mira decided to run in there and got both of them killed and the penetration killed me.



I honestly want an operator with a dog. I know it would be hard to make but think of how gamechanging it can be?

The dog could take down targets sneaking up on you. It could fetch the defuser if it were ever dropped it can sniff out the enemies and point to their general direction. You could control it like a drone. God I can just imagine how cool it would be now I am probably going to make a character sheet for them


That’s a lot of OP things a dog could do.
Shut down flankers, never have the defused in danger, be a mini Jackal, and a drone.
And then theirs the thing of killing the dog.


It’s just an idea it’s gonna be OP at first :stuck_out_tongue:

yes you could kill the dog. I have no problems with that as I know I am not killing a real dog. This would make the game also more realistic as a lot of military’s here in the US work with dogs now


Yeah, but don’t forget about PETA.
Heck, some people got mad at a circus training animals and are now shutting (off-topic example)
Why not a “smell”? People within 5-10 meters get pinged once? Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:


No no what I mean by that is that he sniffs the ground and points in their general direction not lead you to them


Also I forgot about Peta