Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


When fuze forgets he reversed gravity


I’d say Twitch is for more advanced players; she needs good map knowledge and gadget knowledge (so you don’t rush into mute’s jammers head first with your drone) to be effective. A lot of people use her to harass the defending team, but she really shines at taking out enemy gadgets and cameras.
That’s why I’d leave her for later and get a more straightforward attacking operator like Ash, Sledge or Fuze instead.


I’d also suggest Thatcher as an intermediate operator.
He’s a decent supporter with a great gun selection, and is easier to use than Twitch.


He’s not that hard. I’d put him as a basic operator cause if they pick thermite/hibana you just follow him toss some EMPs at the spot he wants to breach and then your job is done.


I fucking hate smoke in this game it is 100% useless because it is fucking inconsistent.

Like you literally can’t trust it at all. Maybe this time there is some client side breeze that reveals you on their side but not yours maybe your name will pop up maybe it won’t maybe the sunlight will silhouette you or maybe the client side wind will make the smoke just thick enough to protect you this time.


Intermediate between normal operators and Twitch.
Get used to Thatcher first since they are similar in many ways, then progress to Twitch.


The patch notes for the mid season reinforcements are here guys!


Montage is my favourite OP


FIXED – Blitz has spent additional time at the range, thus reducing the draw time on his weapon after triggering his Shield Flash. There is no longer a 2 seconds delay before Blitz can fire his weapon.


Not the fix I was waiting for, but surely a welcome change. It was weird having to wait 2 seconds before being able to fire.

I’m a bit disappointed about the patch in general, but the GLAZ BUFF HELL YEAH. And TEST SERVERS HELL YEAH.

The weapon tweaks are also very welcome.


I think it’s a great step.
Yeah there’s always some imbalance, but the big things for me were taken care of.
C7E got nerfed in the recoil department.
Blitz can keep shooting.
Glaz has an advantage.
More ammo for buck shotgun.
Sight reticles are smaller.

The test servers are a nice bonus.


I mean I’m not saying the patch is bad in any way, I was just expecting a bit more.

But according to Ubisoft, this patch went through way more testing than usual because they wanted to introduce as few bugs as possible, and the test servers are going to allow for way better quality updates in the future. Yay!


Did…did R6S spell Montagne wrong…their own character…


Happens to more studios then you think.
Usually they fix it.




Ran into a bunch of team killing t-bagging cunts who judge people by their rank fucking assholes I muted and blocked them all but I have a feeling this won’t be the last of them. They thought it was funny but I was just like “Ya know what I am not really gonna deal with team killers see ya” and left.


I have to say I am loving playing as Buck and Castle right now.
buck because of his grenades, gadget, and both his weapons are very nice.
And castle because his nades and UMP allow him to kill from so many angles.


Don’t take them on, there will always be dickheads through life, it’s just sad that that’s how they’d rather spend there time


Twitch’s Elite skin is freaking beautiful, man.

On other news, I still feel strangely exposed while playing as Blitz. It’s like you trust your shield to protect you, but it does nothing! I know it shouldn’t give you invincibility like Monty’s shield, but man is it unreliable.

This may just be my connection, though… I suggested Ubisoft to implement more server clusters in South America and I was downvoted to hell and back. I hate reddit.


Blitz really forces you to rush now before the enemy has a chance to get a good aim on you