Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I am getting really fucking tired of destroying fucking welcome mats and still being fucking grabbed.

Also the fucking drone teleporting when I try to go under doors or near barbed wire or through drone holes fix yo shit you useless fucking company.



10 Torvalds


I once got grabbed through a wall.


soo fucking irritating dying like that.


Good god I love wall banging with Mira.


Swear to god just shot a guy twice in the head, two blood splats and still didn’t register
Damn you game, why do I still love you


So I was last alive and got cornered. The other team struggled to get me and had a little fun (See Mute)


Just unlocked Mira with my hard earned Renown, but the thing is, I haven’t even played her yet! I’ve been too busy with school this week that I couldn’t have time for one more game to play with my friends and I.


I unlocked Mira with my hard earned money! :smiley:


Life of a Montagne, your the only one that’s actually cautious.
(Happened to me plenty of times…)


Yeah, it’s really annoying when you stand still to protect your team and they shoot through you, not around you and they say it’s your fault
(And no, I don’t mean if I’ve been moving WHILE they shoot, that’d be my fauly)


lol battle of the carriers


Don’t you guys just hate it when a defender comes out at the beginning of the match every round and kills people?
And the attackers never get to go inside the building.


I’m definitely not a fan of it when there isn’t time to get the warning before they can start shooting you like the back alley on bank. Otherwise it should be free kills unless you rush out.


I agree. Then I do it to them and they don’t do it anymore :slight_smile:


I think 2 rounds in is a little early to make claims like that.


No. Free kills. You know exactly where they are and they have to guess.


But that freaking border map.
They can pop in and pop out and get a kill almost every time.
I died while I was at spawn using my drone!


Meh not really my entire team sucked ass both rounds did absolutely nothing so did theirs.


im currently downloading it on my home computer, any tips about who i should get first?